11 Things I Recently Tried Out that I Couldn’t When I Was on a Diet (and my thoughts)

It never fails, I make dietary lifestyle changes months before my birthday, and then when March 2 rolls around (and I can no longer contain myself), I unleash my ‘naughty’ appetite and allow myself to splurge with reckless abandon. Over the months, the temptations kept rolling in, and I decided to compile a list of the food and meals that I wanted to try out when I was in non-diet mode. Below are the items that I decided to enjoy during my birthday week:

Trader Joes Honey Butter Potato Chips

PrettyGoodBunny1. Trader Joe’s Honey Butter Chips

‘Honey butter?’  Everyone questioned the flavor of these chips before trying, but were all pleasantly surprised. When you open the bag, the scent of buttery sweetness hits the air. This is a unique flavor of chips. You distinctly taste butter paired with something sweet. I really liked them, but it’s also the kind of flavor that I think you’ll eat once in a blue moon…and not in excess. The texture of these chips are somewhere between the crispy flimsiness of Lay’s and the stiffness of kettle chips – they are firm, but not extremely crunchy.

Was It Worth It? Yes, and everyone else liked them too.

Hersheys Mint Cookie Layer Crunch

2. Hershey’s Mint Cookie Layer Crunch


Comprised of a “dark chocolate bar with chocolate cookie bits and mint crème,” the Hershey’s Mint Cookie Layer Crunch bar comes in a full-size candy bar, or mini bars sold in a pouch. The exterior chocolate layer has Hershey’s signature deliciousness. Inside, you will find small beads of cookie crunch covered in a layer of cooling mint creaminess. It tastes like the candy form of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies.

Was It Worth It? Yes, it’s got creamy chocolate, chocolatey crunch, and a minty rush of flavor.

3. Starbucks Cascara Latte


The cascara latte is made with the dried fruit of the coffee cherry, which produces a brewed espresso with “subtle notes of dark brown sugar and luscious maple.”  This particular latte is a drink that has been calling my name ever since it graced the Starbucks menu. The Cascara syrup is made with cane sugar, coffee cherry extract, and organic coconut sugar. The coffee cherry extract is used again in the topping. The beverage tastes like a smooth latte, but nothing that I’d go crazy over. I definitely built the drink up as a more satisfying option in my mind.

Was It Worth It? It tastes good, but I think I imagined something grander. I don’t really taste anything that makes me go ‘wow.’

Starbucks Chocolate Hazelnut Croissant

4. Starbucks Chocolate Hazelnut Croissant


With a buttery, flaky crust decorated with chopped hazelnuts, this braided pastry is filled with chocolate hazelnut paste. It’s such an appetizing treat, but also unfortunately includes 10 grams of saturated fat, which is 50% of your recommended daily value – that’s an eye-opener, which means that I probably would not have purchased if I knew this detail beforehand…or wouldn’t have eaten the entire thing, at least. Despite this, I LOVE the taste and texture.

Was It Worth It? Taste-wise, YES! Saturated fat-wise, NO!

KFC Georgia Gold Honey Mustard BBQ Chicken Tenders

5. KFC’s Georgia Gold Tenders


Soaked in “tangy honey mustard BBQ sauce,” I got the Extra Crispy Tenders not once, but twice. The honey mustard concoction offers a satisfying hit of heat. The white meat chicken is flavorful and tender. Also, the individual size of the tenders is generous, in my opinion. Too bad this option will not be on KFC’s permanent menu.

Was It Worth It? Absolutely! So much so, I introduced my parents to the tenders, and they enjoyed them as well (and my Dad is picky about food). The honey mustard flavor was a real winner, which I feel is more like honey mustard hot sauce, than a BBQ flavor.

Popeyes Chicken Waffle Tenders with Sweet Honey Maple Sauce


6. Popeye’s Chicken Waffle Tenders

Served with a honey maple dipping sauce (which I love), I was disappointed in the overall execution of this creation. The tenders seem to be fried in a slightly sweet waffle batter.

Was It Worth It? It was nice to sample (to satisfy my curiosity), but I could have ultimately skipped this one. I was left thoroughly disappointed.

White Cheesecake M&Ms


7. White Cheesecake M&Ms

I love cheesecake, and I love trying different M&M flavors, so it was only natural that I buy these. The M&Ms really do taste like cheesecake, but I warn you that the novelty wears off quickly.

Was It Worth It? This was a unique flavor to sample once…just to say ‘I tried them,’ but to be left with an entire bag…not worth the cost.

Cotton Candy Peeps


8. Cotton Candy Peeps

I’m a huge fan of Peeps, and they are constantly coming out with all sorts of crazy flavors that catch my eye. When I saw the Cotton Candy Peeps (perfect for an Easter basket), I had to have them…and they did not disappoint. Soft and with an almost melt-in-your-mouth texture, the pink Peeps are covered in flecks of blue sugar. If you are a fan of cotton candy, try these. It will make you smile.

Was It Worth It? Oh yes! It’s like eating cotton candy in chewy, sweet-surging burst of flavor form.

Toasted Marshmallow Pepperidge Farm Milano

NoRecommendBunny9. Toasted Marshmallow Pepperidge Farm Milanos

I usually can eat any type of Pepperidge Farm Milanos; they are one of my absolute all-time indulgences. The milk chocolate and dark chocolate ones…ooo…and the peppermint! But, that all stops with this flavor. I can’t stand this flavor; it is sickeningly sweet to me. It has this syrupy kind of flavor that overpowers the enjoyment of the cookie portion of the Milano. I’ve never voluntarily given away a bag of Milanos, but I did with these. They actually make me gag.

Was It Worth It? No way. I think these are the worst Milanos I’ve ever tasted.

Belgium Boys Mini Cookie Stash Cookie Butter Cookies


10. Belgium Boys Mini Cookie Stash

Fashioned to look like lil’ mustaches, Belgium Boys Cookie Butter Cookies deliver a nice amount of sweetness with a pop of cinnamon. The cute cookie shape offered a solid crunch, and was also fun to eat.

Was It Worth It? Yes, how can you go wrong with cookie butter?

Project 7 Champagne Dreams Brut & Rose Gummy Bears


11. Project 7 Champagne Dreams Brut & Rosé Gummy Bears

Offering an undeniably-appetizing sweetness, no alcohol is used to make these brut- and rosé -flavored gourmet gummies. You really can taste the essence of bubbly with these non-GMO gummies, which are also very soft in texture. I purchased these gummies at Starbucks. As a side note, I really like Project 7 (a made-in-the-USA company), which also produces a creative line of sugar-free gourmet gum.

Was It Worth It? I will definitely buy these again.

What items above have caught your eye?

27 thoughts on “11 Things I Recently Tried Out that I Couldn’t When I Was on a Diet (and my thoughts)”

  1. Tione says:

    These look delicious. I love sweet food….
    Tione recently posted…Offbeat USA: Great Lesser-Known American CitiesMy Profile

  2. mhaan a says:

    Oh my! They are definitely a no no during a diet. Good thing, I am not on a diet hahahah. I would love to try white cheesecake m&m!
    mhaan a recently posted…Sleek Makeup Highlighting Palette in Solstice [Photos + Review]My Profile

  3. Delaine says:

    You definitely went wild. I find that this is me too, I find it hard to contain myself.

  4. Those are some great treats especially the M&Ms. Thank you so much for sharing
    Jessica Lawson recently posted…Must pack list- Summer weekend getawaysMy Profile

  5. Tara H. says:

    I love your list and the insight about whether each thing was worth it or not. I hadn’t heard of the KFC tenders but might have to check them out after reading your thoughts.

  6. Ave says:

    Yummm! So many amazing treats! I have to say that I haven’t tried any of them but I’ll add the Hershey’s Mint Cookie Layer Crunch bar and KFC’S Georgia Gold Tenders to my list for trying.

  7. Athena says:

    On that list I absolutely love the KFC chicken tenders – I don’t actually like them from any other restaurant I have ever tried. As far as the M&Ms – I haven’t tried cheesecake but I have tried many of their other flavors and I still really only care for those that are the more traditional flavors.

    1. Yona Williams says:

      Have you tried Mint and Peppermint M&Ms? I think those are really good.

  8. Leigh Anne Borders says:

    I am going to have to try out so many of these things. Your pictures are making my mouth water. Since I am on a diet, I am going to have to wait. But I can dream:)

  9. Those honey butter chips sound delicious. I love trying out new snacks and treats, it’s a great way to expand my taste buds and make snacking more interesting.

  10. Kerri says:

    Thank you for letting me know what was worth it and what wasn’t. I would like to try the Starbucks treats.

  11. SAlly says:

    I have not seen the KFC Golden Tenders! I will be hunting those down very soon, I’m sold!

  12. Natalie says:

    Lots of things to indulge in! I love finding healthy alternatives to junk food, I find most times they taste even better!
    Natalie recently posted…Glo Minerals Living Color Collection | Full BloomMy Profile

  13. Elizabeth O. says:

    These are pretty awesome treats! They’re definitely sinful but they’re worth it as well. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about each one!

  14. Emma says:

    Love the sound of the Honey Butter Chips – not sure I’ve ever had a sweet potato chip but I’m intrigued now! Gonna have to try the KFC chicken tenders too now after your rave review!
    Emma recently posted…Why Wine?…Wine Course – WSETMy Profile

  15. Tami Qualls says:

    Oh my! You sound just like me on the diet roller coaster. LOL! I am going off your recommendation to try the Hershey’s Mint Cookie Layer Crunch bar. I have seen it but not tried it yet.

  16. Peeps should never be altered, ever. LOL. I would love to try the marshmallow milano cookies though!

  17. Tereza says:

    I LOVE this post, love love love love it! It’s so refreshing to see someone writing about ‘normal’ every day food that we all eat (even if our blogs are about diets and healthy lifestyle). Brilliant! And totally fancy that KFC right now haha x

  18. Kathy McCrae says:

    Random thoughts while reading this post:

    I can’t believe they closed down the only KFC in New Orleans. It was located only five minutes away. They made it into a chicken finger place – Canes. I miss the grilled chicken. I need a road trip to find the honey pot of Golden delicious.

    Waiting for the Oreo with Pink Peeps flavor to go on sale for 2/$5 They are $4.49 :::tears

    Last year the Champagne/Rose Gummy Bears were a huge hit, the were sold out everywhere for a while.(when I was trying to find them) Glad to see more brands making them. Everyone seems to give high praise.
    I have been looking at gummy molds to make my own for the currently, ‘hyped’ secret-of-model-skin ingredient.

    I feel your pain with flavor let-downs. Especially if you’re saving them under your pillow for so long. The waffle tenders … I went twice to Pop-Eyes, sold out. Third time a charm, I had high hopes, I mean ‘new sauce’ woot, but nothing was right with this. UGH!

    These rating bunnies are cute as a fluffy bunny tail … Love It!

    Interesting Birthday week, I hope you got to fit-in a Grand Mac and a Naked Chicken Chalupa. ha. Great write-up my fellow foodie.

    P.S. So this means I can eat 2 Starbucks chocolate Hazelnut Croissants per day, correct?

    1. Yona Williams says:

      No KFC in New Orleans??!! Wow…that’s how I felt when Krispy Kreme failed in my city. I didn’t even get a chance to visit it. I am going to wait on your assessment of the Pink Peeps Oreos before I stash them away. That price is also outrageous! It seems like Oreos and Chips Ahoy are always on sale here.

      I really like those champagne gummy bears…and… it’s funny you should mention gummy molds. I bought my nephew a gummy bear maker in January, and I felt a little jealous, so I bought myself some molds and the gelatin (good 2-pack prices on Amazon for large containers), and I am determined to make my own…just got to find and tweak a good recipe. And, I’m going to complicate things by trying to make them sugar free.

      As for the maker, it came with a giant bear mold. My nephew made it using the flavored Jell-O recipe, and it had a stiff, plastic texture and reminded me of Kool-Aid. I have got to find (or create) a more suitable recipe. If you get around to it first, please share!

      I would have liked to have tried the Naked Chicken Chalupa (but that slipped me), and now that I think of it, I didn’t even see any Taco Bells where I was at the time (Chicago).

      Lol @ 2 chocolate Hazelnut Croissants per day!!! You are definitely my kind of foodie buddy!

  19. Oh my goodness, some of these are on my list now. lol
    The minty chocolate, the champagne gummies, and I have to try this cookie butter thing!

  20. danik says:

    Hang on, all these products you tried whilst you were on the diet. I wouldn’t touch them if I wanted to lose weight and keep fit. They still have the sugar rush etc so I would keep away from them. (Sorry, I am a marathon runner….Beetroot juice for me). Despite all that, I still have the temptation to snack out but somehow I stay away from these items 😀
    danik recently posted…San Antonio’s Sunset Strip in IbizaMy Profile

  21. Jenn says:

    What Cheesecake M&M’s, OMG! Those sound amazing. I’m not a big candy fan, but I think I need to try these. Like yesterday.

  22. Omg way to make me hungry!!!!! That KFC chicken looks absolutely delicious. So need that in my life lol

  23. Roch says:

    Everything actually caught my eye because these items are not locally available in our city or at least that I know of. I would also like to try them out during cheat days when I’m on a diet. KFC gold tenders look amazing and delicious with rice!

  24. Jennifer Van Huss says:

    That is a fabulous list of cheat foods! I have never heard of cheesecake M&Ms!! They sounds fabulous!

  25. Andi says:

    Okay, I think you and I need to hang out, because I want absolutely everything on your list! I’m watching my weight so some I will have to hold off on. But when I go to TJ’s tomorrow I am looking for those Honey Chips. I am one of those weird people that can totally control the amount of chips I eat. I take just a small amount with my sandwich. So that one I can try. Fried chicken is my weakness!
    Andi recently posted…Project Discover Week #5My Profile

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