12 Reasons Why the Moto Z Force Droid Smartphone is My New Favorite Gadget

The Front Back and Cover for the Moto Z Force Droid Smartphone

Moto Z Force Droid Smartphone ReviewOne moment, I paid a visit to Verizon thinking I was going to upgrade to my brother’s old Samsung Galaxy, and instead, I walked out with a brand new Moto Z Force Droid (4G LTE 32GB Android phone). Unknown to us, Verizon was running a Buy 1, Get 1 Free promotion that we found out only after he started the paperwork on his new phone.

This is my first smartphone…I know, I know…it was a long time coming…so after the shock of discarding the familiarity of an uncomplicated dumbphone wore off – I really dived in to explore all of the phone’s features.

For starters, the phone comes in two colors: Black/Lunar Grey (the one my brother got) or White/Fine Gold (the one I got).

Below are the top reasons why I recommend the Moto Z Force Droid:

1) Excellent Picture-Taking Quality and Options

The Moto Z Force Droid is equipped with a 21MP camera. The picture quality is incredibly impressive, and almost immediately, I was giving last rites to my formally trusty Kodak SureShot digital camera. I can take quality photos in rooms with low light.

There are options for you:

  • to take photos
  • record videos
  • manage panoramic shots
  • shoot slow motion video (very cool)
  • select a professional picture-taking mode

Two camera features that really stood out to me are:

*Best shot feature

Let’s say you take a photo, but the subject moved to the side or broke their smile…the Moto Z Force camera actually captures a ‘best shot’ and saves it for you. For example, I took a shot of Rosey our Chihuahua mix while she tore apart a squirrel toy. The initial photo came out blurry because she was moving, but the phone’s camera zeroed in on a better shot and saved it for me.

Moto Force Z Droid Best Shot Camera Feature

*Turn your wrist sideways twice to activate the camera

Even in locked mode, when you want to take a quick photo – quickly turn or shake the phone sideways. The first time around, you’re using the rear-facing camera. Do it again to take a selfie. When activating the phone in this manner, everything else remains protected. You need to enter a code or press the fingerprint sensor to fully unlock it.

2) The Moto Z Force Droid Charges Really Fast

The Moto Z Force comes with a ‘turbo charger,’ and the device charges exceptionally fast, in my opinion. It took my phone about an hour to go from 3% to 100% battery power, but the charge is much faster when you have more juice in the battery, like charging from 30% and up.

Send a Text Without Touching Your Moto Z Force Droid Smartphone

3) Command Your Phone without Touching It

You can bring your phone out of sleep mode, and bypass codes and locks with a phrase of your choosing, which connects you to Google and then allows you to command certain features on your phone. For the most part, I ask what the temperature will be like in Syracuse, NY today…and amuse myself by inquiring ‘how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood‘ because Google’s response makes me laugh every time.

I also love the fact that I can:

  • Do my hair in the bathroom and send a text without ever touching the phone.
  • Set my alarm for a specific time or ‘in one hour’ (without pressing a thing) which really comes in handy when you just need a 15-minute or so nap.

Fingerprint Security Reader for Moto Z Force Droid Smartphone

4) Fingerprint Reader Security

Since my nephew cracked the code to my Kindle Fire (and he is a magnet to electronic devices), I am ecstatic that the Moto Z Force has an easy-to-set-up fingerprint security feature. This way, I know that I’m not only protected from my nephew tinkering with my phone, but if it should fall into the wrong hands, I know that my personal information is protected as well. No more imputing a code every time I want to get into my phone, I can unlock and lock it with my thumb, index finger, and middle finger on both hands. I will say that it took a bit of time to get it out of my head that the fingerprint reader isn’t a ‘home’ button.

Moto Z Force Droid Smartphone Screen Wakes Up with a Wave of Your Hand

5) See Notifications with a Wave of a Hand

The Moto Z Force’s 5.5-inch screen senses movement (with the wave of a hand or hovering over it), and will come out of sleep mode to reveal the time, date, battery percentage, and notification icons. You still have to unlock the phone to see additional information, but it’s convenient to see the time and other details quickly. The screen immediately fades to black when you move your hand away.

6) HD Quality Sound

I don’t know if this works exclusively Droid to Droid (but only when I speak to my brother on the phone), do I benefit from astonishingly clear, HD quality sound that has a podcast-radio show effect.

7) Two-Way Video Phone Calls

So far, the only person I can have a two-way video phone call with is my Moto Z Force Droid-having brother. You can make these phone calls when choosing your contact. If a video camera icon is shown by a contact’s name, then you can place a two-way video phone call with them.

8) Chop Twice for Flashlight

Chop the Moto Z Force Droid twice downward, and you’ll have access to a very bright light that really comes in handy when I’m walking the dog in the dark…and have to pick up poop.

Moto Z Force Droid Flashlight

9) An Easy ‘Do Not Disturb’ Mode

You might be in a meeting, deep in conversation, or incredibly busy…and don’t want to be bothered by constant notifications, texts and phone calls. You don’t have to turn off your ringer. Simply turn over your phone, and it goes into a ‘do not disturb’ mode.

10) Shatter-Proof & Crack-Proof Screen

The Moto Z Force Droid comes with a ‘ShatterShield,’ which is good for me…because I am a phone dropper. Made with military aircraft-grade aluminum and steel, the Z Force also features an advanced water-repellent coating (that is not waterproof, so you can’t go swimming with it), and the screen is guaranteed not to shatter or crack.

11) It’s Fast

Whether you are navigating the Internet, opening attachments, or switching from app to app, the Moto Z Force Droid is fast…in some cases, faster than my laptop. And…I just downloaded an update that allows me to have a split-screen between two apps, which makes it even faster to switch from one app to another.

Moto Z Force Droid Smartphone - Moto Mod Attachment Point

Kate Spade Power Pack for Moto Z Force Droid12) Moto Mods

The Moto Z Force Droid is equipped with a magnetic back, which allows you to easily attach covers and…Moto Mods…which expand the capabilities of your phone. So far, you can purchase the following:

  • JBL SoundBoost: For music lovers, this attachment provides high-quality JBL audio…like a boom box.
  • Moto Insta-share Projector: I saw this one in action at the Verizon store. This mod turns your phone into a projector. Entertain the kids with a movie…or use it for business…like projecting a Power Point presentation onto a wall.
  • Moto Mod Power Packs: Hard to believe that this attachment is lightweight, but when used, you can increase your battery life up to 22 hours with on-the-go charging. This is the only Moto Mod that has actually caught my eye, and they have some in fashionable Kate Spade designs (my favorite one shown here). There are also two different types of power packs: wireless charging and a regular power pack.

A few additional observations that I noticed about the Moto Z Force Droid that you might want to know before you buy one…1) it does feel a bit weighty, 2) there isn’t a dedicated earphone jack. The phone comes with an attachment that plugs into the USB connector that allows you to plug in, and 3) there’s a cool feature that you can turn on where the phone knows when you are driving, and will read texts and announce calls for you. Since I’m not a driver, this feature drives me crazy, and I have turned it off.

Which Moto Z Force Droid Feature is Most Attractive to You?






54 thoughts on “12 Reasons Why the Moto Z Force Droid Smartphone is My New Favorite Gadget”

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