A Rock Star Gift Idea for Music Lovers: Pluginz Jack Rack Key Holders

I’ve been paying more attention to guitar-related swag since my nephew and brother got new acoustic guitars.  So, when I saw the Jack Rack Key Holders by Pluginz, I just had to share the creativity. You know, music lovers and guitar players appreciate items that incorporate their interests, and I think this makes a fun, functional gift idea for both. My brother is constantly misplacing, losing and searching for his keys. Maybe something like this would encourage him to put them in one place after walking through the door?

The jack rack key holders are decorated with custom amp style designs, and are mounted to your wall. A kit comes with the appropriate brackets and hardware. Previous customers say it is easy to install. There are four ¼-inch inputs where the keychain jacks are ‘plugged’ in. Depending on the type of key holder purchased, your four guitar plug keychains are engraved with specific details – the Marshall Amplification Jack Rack features their ‘M’ logo.

With various styles and designs, there are four, primary collections sold at the Pluginz Etsy shop, as well as at Guitar Center and Amazon.com:

  • The Marshall Collection, with an eye-catching chequered print, handwired style, and a 1959-style
  • The Pluginz Collection, including the “Legato,” “Vintage,” “Ruckus,” and “Equalizer” styles
  • The Friedman Collection, including the “Dirty Shirley” version shown
  • The Engl Collection

Browse Pluginz’s Etsy shop and you will find an assortment of jack rack key holders, as well as guitar plug keychains and necklaces (made with actual guitar plugs).

Shop Pluginz

Pluginz Etsy Shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Pluginz?ref=l2-shopheader-name

Pluginz Online Storefront: https://store.pluginzkeychains.com/collections/jack-racks

Any thoughts on this gift idea?

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