Yona is a/an…

Freelance Writer and Blogger.        Usually Healthy Foodie, Not Afraid to Splurge.     Book Hoarder. 

Down-the-Rabbit-Hole Researcher.    Constant Doodler.      Art and Nature Lover.      Friend of Animals.

Variety is the spice of life!

Besides being a foodie with an eclectic palate, I’m also an Upstate New York-based freelance writer and researcher with twenty years of online media experience.

After earning an MA in Journalism from S.I. School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, I dived into an online writing scene when GeoCities and Live Journal were king (and WordPress and Facebook weren’t even a thing), and I haven’t looked back since.

I bring experience and a diverse writing portfolio to the table. I’m an active online contributor and curious observer who enjoys engaging with (and learning from) people from all walks of life, which comes in handy when writing content that resonates with readers.

My work is virtually everywhere, but you won’t know it right away because I’m also a seasoned ghostwriter who crafts engaging website content, features, blog posts, and travel guides for private companies and individual clients worldwide.

I’ve also worked with global businesses and nonprofits—from USA Today and eHarmony to Giving Assistant and GoldenGatePark.com—wearing many hats such as freelance contributor, editor-in-chief, and blog/social media manager.

I largely seek creative projects and writing job opportunities, but I’m also open to exploring different areas of interest.

Point blank, I love to write, read, doodle and create.

This blog is for fun. I invite you to enjoy a union of research, writing, food, and art.

Rosey, the Chihuahua mix, says “hi” too.

Rosey the Chihuahua Mix



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