Yona is a/an…

Starbucks Holiday Cups are Off LimitsFreelance Writer and Blogger.

Usually Healthy Foodie whose Not Afraid to Splurge.

Limited Edition Seeker.

Movie Connoisseur.

Book Hoarder.

Constant Doodler.

Art and Nature Lover.

Friend of Animals.

Day Dreaming, Adventurous Introvert.

Vessel of Semi-Meaningless Trivia.

Avid Traveling Pisces from Upstate New York .

I am a writer-for-hire with an artistic flair

I’ve been trained to investigate, research, and inform the public, but sadly – the politics of the newsroom are pretty discouraging…so instead of pursuing a career as a reporter attached to a specific newspaper, I decided to become a freelance writer.

Every day, I am researching and exploring something new, exciting or interesting (at the very least).

A little over five years ago, I decided to share some of my research, intriguing facts, and of course, my opinion – in blog form. Hopefully, I will succeed in delivering to you helpful information or at the very least, an interesting fact, useful link, or simple doodle to brighten your day.

Point blank, I love to write, read, doodle, and create.

This blog is for fun.

In conclusion, I invite you to enjoy my union with research, literature and art.

And, Rosey the Chihuahua mix says ‘hi’ too.

Rosey the Chihuahua Mix



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