Artist Trading Cards (ATCs): Stephen King

My first introduction to Stephen King came around the age of 4 or 5. Yes, that young. I learned how to read when I was 2 ½ years old, and one of the ways I strengthened my skills was by going over the Sunday morning comics with my parents.

I don’t remember if it was my Dad or a family friend that bought a copy of the graphic novella comprised of comics titled Creepshow for me, but I got my lil’ hands on it.

All of it didn’t last long, though…because I had massive nightmares, and couldn’t stand the thought of the comic book ‘living’ in our home. I still remember specific illustrations for ‘The Crate’ and ‘Something to Tide You Over.’

The only thing that calmed me was burning it in the fireplace. Somehow, seeing it burn, curl and disintegrate before my eyes made everything all better.

Today, Stephen King is one of my favorite authors. I like how he weaves a story, builds a character, and sets a scene. It’s no wonder that many of his stories and books have been transformed into movies, which I also enjoy.

So, when I came across a Stephen King artist trading card swap, I was definitely excited.

The Cards I Made…

I made four cards. One for the host, and three to swap with others.

Creepshow (the Creeper)

It’s only fair that I pay homage to the Creeper, the skeleton-like wizard character that served as the narrator for the Creepshow comics.

Materials Used: Watercolor Pencils, fine-tipped Sharpie Pen, white Gelly Roll Pen


This card depicts Annie Wilkes, a crazed fan, who rescues a famous novelist from a car crash…and then keeps him hostage until he rewrites the fate of her favorite character, Misery. In the movie, Wilkes is played by Kathy Bates…she did an excellent job. I tried to position this character so that it looked like she was watching over you from above.

Materials Used: Watercolor Pencils, fine-tipped Sharpie Pen, gold Gel Pen


Carrie looked so angelic and happy when she was crowned Prom Queen, but even if you didn’t read the book or watch the movie, you probably know that it didn’t turn out well in the end. I wanted to show both sides of Carrie, the high school girl with kinetic powers that endures endless bullying at school…and is mercilessly pushed to her limits with deadly consequences.

If you put your hand over half of her body, you can see Carrie’s separate sides better…

Materials Used: Watercolor Pencils, fine-tipped Sharpie Pen, white Gelly Roll Pen

Pet Semetary (Gage & Church)

Stephen King wrote a book about a pet cemetery that brings the dead back to life. But with a catch…those buried there never come back the same. Both Gage and Church are buried in this cemetery, and as you can see…there’s something not quite right with them. I read that King got the idea for the novel when his family rented a home by a busy road. Many neighborhood pets lost their lives to it, and his son almost got too close to danger. The local children had created a pet cemetery for their companions.

I usually have issues with faces, but I’m pleased with how the watercolors came out there.

Materials Used: Watercolor Pencils, fine-tipped Sharpie Pen, white Gelly Roll Pen

The Cards that I Received…

(the following cards were swapped to me from members of the ATCs for All site that I belong to)

Pennywise from 2017 ‘It’ (by mcgillisj from Ontario, Canada): I had a 2017 version of Pennywise the clown from ‘It’ on my wishlist of cards to receive. Many of us post our finished cards on threads, and I saw that this particular character was pretty popular in the swap. I was actually hoping for this specific card.

Silver Bullet (by CharmingB from Alburquerque, New Mexico): Silver Bullet (1985) is a film based on King’s novella titled ‘Cycle of the Werewolf.’ The movie starred Corey Haim and Gary Busey, and I’ve seen it before. The moon has metallic effects, and you can see a shimmery effect in some of the background. I love it!

Children of the Corn (by KrystalBlue from Quesnel B.C., Canada): I love the clean lines of this card. Children of the Corn is a short story written by King that first appeared in an issue of Penthouse magazine. It is also included in the collection of his stories, Night Shift. The movie, focuses on a town filled with ‘evil-minded,’ cult-like children.

What’s your favorite Stephen King book/movie?


9 thoughts on “Artist Trading Cards (ATCs): Stephen King”

  1. Mortrisha says:

    Love your Pet Cemetery card!

  2. Rachael Burow says:

    Wow! You are an incredible artist. The details of each card are incredible! Keep doing what you do, keep inspiring, you are so amazing!

  3. Angel says:

    Those are very cool. I’m a huge Stephen King fan from way back. My cat’s name is Church, so I definitely appreciate the 4th card you made.

  4. Lisa says:

    Wow you are very talented. I learned 2 things reading this post. That there were comics based off of Stephen King and that there are trading cards that talented people like yourself make and trade. Awesome!

  5. Liev Cruz says:

    You are a great artist. I like your style I love to draw when I was younger and I would’ve enjoyed doing the cards too.

  6. fashionmommy says:

    I’ve only ever read Pet cemetery, which I loved, but totally love The Shining and Carrie movies.

  7. sarah says:

    what a great looking cards, very good artist carry on your good work..

  8. Cris F. says:

    Great looking cards! I had no idea this was a thing. So interesting!

  9. anshul says:

    These designs are brilliant. At times I used to write horror and try world building the way Stephan King does but your inspiration is way ahead of mine.

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