Artist Trading Cards: Unlikely Friendships

When you think of unlikely friendships, what comes to your mind? Opposites attracting?

Have you ever made friends with someone that you’d never expect to get along with?

I’ve become friends with some of my high school rivals later in life, and have clicked with classmates in graduate school that I wouldn’t have expected to have anything in common with. I’ve learned that first impressions of people are lasting, but not impenetrable. This brings me to a recent artist trading card swap that I participated in that focused on ‘unlikely friendships.’

And here are the cards that I made for the swap:

Maleficent + Aurora

Materials Used: Watercolor pencils, fine-tip Sharpie marker & white Gelly Roll pen

One of the first unlikely friendships that came to mind was the one between Maleficent and Aurora. If you saw the Disney film ‘Maleficent‘ (where Angelina Jolie played a convincing villain-turned-sympathetic-character), then you know that the two main characters weren’t always so chummy. I didn’t try to make Maleficent look like Angelina Jolie, but added enough detail where you would know who the character was without direction (if you saw the movie).

The rest of my cards focused on the relationships between predator and prey:

Bird + Worm

Materials Used: Watercolor pencils, fine-tip Sharpie marker & white Gelly Roll pen

Not only does it seem like this bird and worm are best buddies, but I think the worm just might have a little crush on her feathered friend.

Eagle + Mouse

Materials Used: Colored pencils, Glitter pens & fine-tip Sharpie marker

This lil’ mouse is having the time of his life without fear of being eaten.

Cheetah + Gazelle

Materials Used: Pencil, Colored pencils, fine-tip Sharpie marker & Glitter pens

Wouldn’t be nice if conflicts were easily solved over a pot of tea?

Describe an unlikely friendship in your life.

10 thoughts on “Artist Trading Cards: Unlikely Friendships”

  1. Niccole mucci says:

    Wow you have some great talent! I agree with the unlikely friendships. One of my best friends I always thought she did not like me turned out we had a lot in common.

  2. These are very cool sets of cards. I really do love all of the artistry that is involved in creating them. Of all of the cards, the mouse and the eagle has got to be my favorite. While the others look friendly and kind to one another there is just something about the eagle allowing the mouse to ride his back that is just so amazing. I loved it.
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  3. Amanda Kee says:

    These cards are absolutely beautiful! Though they are all beautifully done, I have to say my favorite is the Maleficent and Aurora card. I am completely in love with this movie and could watch it 100 times!!

  4. Tami says:

    I see some extreme talent on these trading cards. I would like to have a set myself. My brother is an artist but he’s never done anything like this.

  5. Lisa says:

    Wow, what a gift you have! I love your art work, you can tell you have much passion and creativity within your art. So unique!

  6. I wish I was artistic. I have 0% artistic ability in me! These are lovely and creative too!

  7. Tammy says:

    Beautiful art and well done. I’m a fan of pencil drawings but my favorite is water color.

  8. I absolutely love this! For one, I love your art. It’s really creative and unique. But I also love the idea. It’s like having an art pen pal. If I was any good, I’d ask to join in, lol.

    1. Yona Williams says:

      Thank you! And, I never looked at it that way…it is like having art pen pals. I LOVE seeing the creativity of artists from around the world.

      1. How would someone else get involved in something like this? I’m not an artist, but it just seems really cool.

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