Bandar Crisped Harvest Vegetable Snack Offers an Incredible Variety, But…

One Pouch of Bandar Crisped Harvest Vegetables

Who knew dried-out onion would taste so good or that okra crisps were so big? Bandar Crisped Harvest Vegetable Snack has an impressive assortment of vegetables that includes pumpkin, purple sweet potato, regular sweet potato, and carrot. Flavored with sea salt, I must say that this is quite an interesting snack.

Bandar Crisped Harvest Vegetables

Upon opening the snack packet, my initial reactions were bleak. For starters, I don’t know why I did, but I took a whiff of the product inside the pouch, and it didn’t smell too appetizing. Then, after pouring the contents out, I must say that I was really surprised. I did not expect such large pieces. They looked humongous compared to the image featured on the packaging.

The okra definitely looked a bit intimidating to me.

Bandar Crisped Harvest Vegetables - the Okra

Well, here are my assessments of Bandar Crisped Harvest Vegetable Snack…

  • The onion has such a luscious texture and flavor; definitely one of my favorite options out of all the vegetables. I could eat an entire bag of just this.
  • Because of its color, I can’t really tell you what the sweet potato or pumpkin tasted like. I could tell by the variation in appearance what the carrot was, and there were a handful of those in there. Upon closer inspection of the bag, the sweet potato has a zucchini-looking ridge on the outside, so I did try a piece, and there wasn’t much flavor to it really.
  • The purple sweet potato is easy to identify. The pieces were slightly harder, and the flavor didn’t really hit me until the very end.
  • The green beans are fun to eat. They almost take on the texture of a ‘candied’ snack. I also like its flavor. One green bean had a lot of very hard, seedy-like pieces that made me feel like I was going to break a tooth, so I would say be on the lookout for that.
  • The okra is an interesting item. The bulk of the vegetable “shatters’ inside of your mouth, while the head is a bit harder. I finished one, and could not stomach the rest…and disappointedly, there were a lot of okra in the pouch.

Contents of a Bag of Bandar Crisped Harvest Vegetables

One serving size of Bandar Crisped Harvest Vegetable Snack equals 1 ounce, and the package that I received from one of my healthy, monthly gift box subscriptions ( I cannot remember which one, but I think it was Love with Food) was 1.4 ounces…offering about 1 ½ servings.

By the Numbers

  • 140 calories (50 fat calories)
  • 6 grams total fat
  • 20 grams carbohydrates
  • 3 grams of fiber (or 13% of your recommended daily value – RDV)
  • 1 gram of protein

Overall, I would not purchase this mixture again, but I would buy a single serving of just the onion – that was surprisingly really good to me.



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