Book Review: Essential Oils: The Ultimate Essential Oils Guide by Alexa Moore

Essential Oils for Beginners by Alexa Moore

To date, I currently only have lemon, peppermint, clove and lavender essential oils in my arsenal, and wish to expand upon this collection, which is why I was excited to get my hands on Essential Oils: The Ultimate Essential Oils Guide by Alexa Moore. The e-book is a quick read, and I learned about the various properties of different essential oils. I liked that I could easily find information on the specific essentials oils that I own because I’ve been wondering how to best use them, and I was able to discover other essential oils I had no idea existed.

The bulk of the book is comprised of 89 essential oil recipes that really come in handy when you’re looking for natural remedies for the face, skin, hair, colds, and internal health. I might just have to try the Under Eye Cream with Baobab recipe for healthier-looking eyes that is also meant to help you sleep better. The Enchanting Car Perfume sounds like the perfect way to make a vehicle smell good, and take advantage of an aromatherapy pick-me-up. The process of making Au Passion with rose essential oil and vodka sounds really interesting to me. I learned an interesting fact about using a diffuser and became more interested in sandalwood oil.

Writing-wise, there are grammatical errors, poor sentence structure and lack of proofing present… and I even came across an unintentional curse word in the text. I felt many areas could have been elaborated upon, and I was left wanting more in the actual text of the book. Statements were made, and the opportunity to add valuable information or to provide a solid explanation was lost, in my eyes. Also, a statement was made that essential oils have zero side effects, which is not true since some can cause skin irritation amongst other things. However…

… if you’re looking for a way to put your essential oils to good use, then this is a nice resource to add to your library. I’m not an absolute amateur when it comes to knowing the background information on essential oils, but I haven’t created any recipes before, so the number of recipes in the book is satisfying. I think the layout of the recipes, corresponding directions, and explanations are concise and arranged well.

But, in the end, the lack of solid proofreading and a few statements I find confusing for a total amateur knocked this book from a 4-star to a 3-star rating.

Do you have any essential oils or recipes to share?

Disclosure: I received a free sample copy in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.


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