Burt’s Potato Chips – Guinness Flavored Potato Chips

Guinness Potato Chips

Cruising through the local grocery store, and what do I see…Guinness-flavored, thick cut hand-cooked potato chips. Made in the United Kingdom and manufactured by Burt’s Potato Chips Limited, I could not resist seeing what these naturally flavored chips would taste like.

First off, these chips look incredibly unappealing because of its deep brown-colored hue – very similar to stout. But, once I tried them, I was pleasantly surprised. The best way I can describe the flavor of the chips is ‘weirdly tasty.’ My first impression was that the chips tasted like what raw pizza dough that has risen at room temperature smells like. I know that probably sounds unappetizing, but the more I munched on the chips, the more I liked them.

As I read the ingredients list, there is an interesting collection comprised of yeast extract powder, buttermilk powder, fat-reduced cocoa powder (interesting), barley malt extract, and cream powder. The texture of the chips is not too flimsy, and not too hard (like kettle chips).

One serving of Guinness chips equals about 13 crisps, and total 140 calories.

The chips are definitely worth a try. Would I buy them again? Yes, I would.

Other highlights of the Guinness Chips are:

  • All natural flavors
  • No MSG
  • Gluten Free
  • No artificial dyes
  • No hydrogenated fats




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