Can I Have Coffee Creamer on the Wheat Belly Diet?


Flavored coffee creamers from brands like International Delights and Coffeemate contain sugar, and the sugar free versions contain corn syrup and other no-nos that you cannot have on the Wheat Belly diet. You’ll need to get used to adding cream and half & half to your cups of coffee…full-fat or light, but not the fat-free versions, which actually contain things like corn syrup, such as the Land O Lakes brand. When in doubt, always read the ingredients list.

If you are looking to make your own flavored creamer, I suggest getting something like Nu Naturals flavored liquid stevia to add along with the cream or half & half…I think everyone on the Wheat Belly diet should at least get the alcohol-free, liquid Nu Naturals Vanilla stevia that comes in the little dropper bottle. Seriously, this versatile product is a life saver – I use it to add flavor to coffee, unsweetened plain Greek yogurt, almond milk cocoas, and sweet treats.

Sweetleaf is another brand that makes flavored liquid stevia drops, although I am not familiar with the taste of their flavored liquid products. Also, don’t forget to choose alcohol-free drops, as it really does make a difference in the overall taste.


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