Curious about the Candy Club? Let’s See What Comes Inside One…

Whats Inside a Candy Club Subscription Box

Candy Club is a Candy of the Month subscription that delivers a curated box of ‘premier‘ candies. There are different ways to order the subscription boxes. The outside of the subscription box prepares you for a surprise inside because it truly feels like you’ve opened up a circus of sweetness…once you’ve removed the tape. This company does packaging invitingly and well. For example, a monthly subscription costs $27.99 plus shipping. Those who prepay for a 12-month plan are charged 19.99 per month (plus shipping). You can also opt for 3- and 6-month gift subscriptions.

One of the ways that you can get started discovering new candies and enjoying old standbys is by completing Candy Club’s preference quiz. You are then matched with what the company’s algorithm thinks you’d like the best from their current inventory.

This is what they selected for me:

Candy Club Builds a Box According to your Preferences

I wasn’t interested in their picks, so I decided to choose my own trio of sweets.

The Candies that I Chose

I enjoy sour candies, and decided to create a box that reflected this preference with the following Candy Club selections:

Candy Club - Sour Power Belts

Dorval Sour Power Tutti Frutti Belts: I loved this candy, which happens to be a Candy Club Exclusive. The flavor is hard to describe, but maybe it’s best categorized as a ‘tropical fruit punch?’ The sour, sugary coating was evenly distributed, and it was just an overall pleasant sweet treat to eat.

Dorval Sour Power Cola Belts: Made with a more-than-generous sour, sugar coating, you can taste the cola with this candy, but not as much as I thought I would. For some reason, the candy seemed to have too much sugar coating, as opposed to the Tutti Frutti flavor. I wouldn’t get this again.

Candy Club Candy

Albanese Sour Poppers: These colorful, chewy sour candies came in lemon, orange, blue raspberry, strawberry and green apple flavors. The candy was soft in texture, and not too terribly sour. I didn’t care too much for these…every time I bit into one, I felt like I was eating Kool-Aid. I chose this candy because I am a huge fan of Albanese gummy bears, but this was a disappointment for me.

When my candy box arrived, I was impressed by the packaging and the contents inside. Candy Club uses an ‘surprise’ candy as filler for your box. This time around, it was Atkinson’s Rainbow Twists – a colorful hard candy that has a wild cherry flavor.

The candy options also change frequently. For example, just in time for the Easter season, I see that you can add Dorval Cotton Candy Sour Power Belts to a box. This is something that I would have definitely jumped at.

Candy Club Candy Information Cards

Another cute touch with Candy Club that I love is the information cards that accompany your order.

Packaged in a little envelope, they almost feel like candy trading cards. The front of the cards provides a visual and description of your candy. On the back, you have nutritional details.

A Gripe…

I like subscription boxes, and enjoy testing out new ones, but what I cannot stand is when you cannot cancel your subscription online. It is the hugest inconvenience to have to call a company (or email, which is better than calling). I’d like to quickly cut ties (or pause a subscription) whenever I feel like it, and on my own terms. I had to call Candy Club to cancel.

The first time I called to cancel my subscription; I was on hold for 20 minutes (even though a recording said my wait time was 3 minutes). I gave up that day, and called back a week later. I spoke to a representative, who at first offered me a discount to continue with my subscription (that I declined), but who then quickly settled matters for me.

My Final Thoughts

I like that new candies are constantly being introduced to the Candy Club lineup, and that you can leave the candy selection process up to the company (or if you prefer, choose your own adventure). The size of the containers is much larger than what I expected; and for the eco-friendly shopper – the top shelf, dishwasher safe containers are reusable.

Candy Club Sour Candy

I wouldn’t mind trying out more candies in the future, but for the price, this monthly splurge is out of my budget. What I would do in a heartbeat is order a single subscription box as a gift for my nephew (whenever I can get my hands on a promo code).

What’s Your Favorite Candy?

Have you ever ordered a candy subscription box?

Candy Club Monthly Subscription Box





14 thoughts on “Curious about the Candy Club? Let’s See What Comes Inside One…”

  1. Tina Gleisner says:

    For me candy is a special treat a few times each year, and definitely don’t want monthly boxes of calories. OK, I’ll admit that I keep dark chocolate covered almonds in the house but my limit is 2 a day when I need something sweet.

  2. I need to get this box for my hubby He has such a HUGE sweet tooth!! He would have fun trying some fo the different candies.
    Marielle Altenor recently posted…Hearty Spinach Lasagna RecipeMy Profile

  3. Oh no, I am stepping away from this subscription box. Noooooooooo…LOL. Sounds like a fantastic idea but I am going to have to pass

  4. wendy says:

    What a neat little club to belong to! All of it looks great. I think I am going to have to look into joining!

  5. Jay Simms says:

    I love The Candy Club!! I try and get a box whenever I have the extra finances!

  6. Rachel says:

    I need this in my life! I love candy! It is a small weakness, along with ice cream. My husband would love this too!
    Rachel recently posted…8 Ways To Inspire Your Children’s ImaginationsMy Profile

  7. My kids would totally LOVE getting this from Candy Club. These look delicious and so fun to receive in the mail!

  8. This is my kind of box !! I love Candy just can’t resist it. I like how it was shipped will look into it.

  9. Erin says:

    Ooh girl I agree, I absolutely HATE when I can’t cancel a subscription box online. That’s the absolute WORST!

  10. Elizabeth O. says:

    Who can resist candies like these! I love the packaging aside from the actual candy because it’s perfect for storing or for giving away. It sounds like a pretty awesome subscription!

  11. robin Rue says:

    NO way! That is the coolest thing I have seen all day. My kids would love this.

  12. The fruitti belt was one of my favorite treat for myself. I love the sweet and sour taste of it.
    Sarah-Louise Bailey recently posted…Tips for #aSoundSleepMy Profile

  13. Joely Smith says:

    This is a little out of my budget as well for candy but I do like that you can swap if you do not like what they select for you based on your profile or whatever. I too want to be able to EASILY cancel ONLINE! Overall the candy does look really yummy though. I had not heard of them before your post so I might try them in the future.
    Joely Smith recently posted…Once Upon An Orchard Mile – My Spring / Summer WishlistMy Profile

  14. Tara Pittman says:

    I love chocolate the best. It would be fun to get chocolate every month.
    Tara Pittman recently posted…Gifted Movie GiveawayMy Profile

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