Edy’s Slow Churned Ice Cream – Caramel Delight

Posted on Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

I was definitely surprised when I bought Edy’s Caramel Delight Slow Churned Ice Cream – I’m not a big fan of caramel, but I’ve tried nearly every flavor except for this one and I was feeling a little frisky. The caramel is not overwhelmingly sweet and there is just enough to enjoy the gooey pleasantness mixed in with the flavor of the ice cream. For a real treat, I’ve been adding a small amount of the Caramel Delight to my cinnamon waffles.

By the Numbers
(1/2 cup)

  • 110 calories
  • 20 fat calories
  • 2 grams protein
  • 21 carb grams

Recommended Daily Values

  • Calcium – 6%
  • Vitamin A – 4%
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2 Responses to
“Edy’s Slow Churned Ice Cream – Caramel Delight”

  • Ruth Lee says: August 25th, 2013 at 11:28 pm

    I eat ice cream every evening. Only Edy’s. The best I’ve ever tasted is low churned caramel delight. The creamiest ever.

  • jdh says: May 20th, 2016 at 12:18 am

    Beware, my friends, this flavor — my personal favorite for years — has been reformulated as of 2016, and they have RUINED it by taking almost all of the caramel out of it. :-( It tastes like slightly oversweetened beige vanilla and looks like there’s a washed out watermark of faint caramel. Tragic!

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