Exploring Fayetteville Square: Soleil Café

Inside Soleil Cafe

Fayetteville is a suburb of Syracuse, NY, where I mostly spend my time enjoying the restaurants of Towne Center. My brother and I enjoy checking out local coffee shops, and I’ve been meaning to give Fayetteville’s Soleil Café a try, which opened in 2016. We learned that the café is located in a plaza called Fayetteville Square, which has a few other eateries and shops. It’s the first time we’ve been here…

What’s really interesting about the café is that they promote ‘brewbrightness,’ their name ‘Soleil’ means ‘sun,’ and when you first step inside of the café…it really is a bright, open space with a nice amount of sunlight pouring through the front window.

Waiting for Drinks at Soleil Cafe

 Soleil Café – Coffees

You can choose from made-to-order espresso beverages, pour-over coffee, chai latte, matcha, hot chocolate, and loose leaf tea at Soleil Café. Naturally flavored syrups help enhance your drinks, which are tasty.

Soleil Cafe Menu

The Lavender Latte has been a drink in my rearview mirror for quite a while now, so I decided to finally give it a try. I’m going to be honest. I was disappointed because I didn’t taste anything that gave me the impression that I was drinking a Lavender Latte. My brother ordered a Latte with cinnamon, honey and vanilla. His drink’s flavor profile was lacking as well. However, one thing that we both agreed upon was that Soleil Café makes a really good-tasting, strong cup of coffeetakes a bit of time to get to you, but it’s good coffee. They brew beans from local micro-roaster Peaks Coffee Co. (Cazenovia). As for the lattes, ultimately not a fan.

Peach Pop Tart from Soleil Cafe

Soleil Café – Food & Sweets

Soleil Café sells light pastries and a few other edibles. I ordered a Peach Pop Tart, which they heated for me. The crust had a light dusting of sugar crystals, and was delicious and flavorful. The filling is not commercial…but I didn’t get to enjoy it fully. I ate some at the café, and took the rest home to finish. As I tried to wrangle the Pop Tart out of reach of Rosey (our Chihuahua mix), a half of peach fell out onto the floor with a resounding thud. Wow…I’ve never seen that large a fruit piece used in a pastry…that was different.

I’d definitely buy the Pop Tart again.

Waffles from Soleil Cafe

My brother ordered waffles (to-go) topped with fresh strawberries, which were accompanied by a side of (I think it was a honey-cinnamon syrup, but not sure). I personally prefer my waffles cooked a tad more than this…I should have tried them, but I didn’t for some reason. My brother was not thoroughly impressed, and did not finish them.

Soleil Cafe Sells Peaks Coffee Co

Soleil Café – Other Thoughts

Soleil Café offers free Wi-Fi, which I love. You’d think everybody would, but they don’t. You can sit outside the café, or stay inside. While waiting for our coffees, we camped out at a few wooden stools by the picture window, which warmed our faces. You can also sit close to the coffee action in a mini-diner- stool area. For the most part, the overall seating arrangement towards the back felt a bit claustrophobic for my taste, but it does create a sense of community within the café, which was full with groups of people chattering amongst themselves…an overall nice neighborhood vibe.

What kind of features do you like in a coffeehouse/café?

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20 thoughts on “Exploring Fayetteville Square: Soleil Café”

  1. I would love to have coffee at this place! Loved pop tart!
    Agness of eTramping recently posted…Made it to the Maldives – Adventures in ParadiseMy Profile

  2. Megan mccoig says:

    Oh my those waffles look incredible! I love exploring coffee shops, you always find a good one somewhere.

  3. Ayesha Heart says:

    Very nice! Wish we have more of these. Cafes here are usually crowded 😀 Thanks for sharing
    Ayesha Heart recently posted…I Have Nothing to WearMy Profile

  4. krystal says:

    That looks like a relaxing place to be. I love small town type places. Always so much to do!

  5. Oh I love coffee and the pastry here looks so yummy!! looks like you had a good time 🙂
    Leslie Hernandez recently posted…DERMA E PURIFYING SKIN CARE COLLECTION REVIEWMy Profile

  6. Rosey says:

    Sounds like a it was half and half. Good to experiement and find what you like. A cup of coffee and a peach tart sounds like a good flavor combo all the way around. 🙂

  7. CourtneyLynne says:

    Omg I just love finding little cafes like this!!! One of the things I miss about living in FL. I swear places like this were all over the place. Here in NY everything is chain -_-

  8. Jill Conyers says:

    I like small local coffee houses the most but I must confess. I frequent Starbucks often because they’re the most conveniently located no matter where I am.

  9. This looks like an amazing cafe to grab breakfast at!! The waffles look heavenly and perfect to pick up.
    William Sweeney recently posted…I Love That Kronos Celebrates All American Workers, Every 1 In 100 Million #WorkforceStories #1in100MMMy Profile

  10. Taylor Speikers says:

    I love the aesthetic of the cafe! I’ve always dreamed of owning a bakery with a similar style with chalkboard menus and such. What a gorgeous place!

  11. Elizabeth O. says:

    Sorry about your Lattes! I’m glad the other kinds of coffee are great though. The pop tart looks great, it’s the perfect treat to have for breakfast if you’re craving for something sweet.

  12. I love discovering coffee houses and this one looks great. The pastry looks so delicious too!

  13. ERLENE A says:

    I wish there were more local coffee shops were I live. All the ones that open can’t seem to compete with Starbucks.

  14. Vyjay says:

    Lovely Cafe, wouldn’t mind sitting there nursing a Cappuccino and watching the wold go by.

  15. Stephanie Yorke says:

    I love the idea of “brewbrightness” 🙂 This post is so thorough, I feel like I’m exploring the cafe myself! That lavender latte sounds amazing, hope you had a wonderful time!

  16. A lavender latte sounds really cool! It’s too bad that it didn’t live up to your expectations. I bet that sweet man-bun on that male server did though. Right? LOL!
    Melanie Frost recently posted…Magnifying Makeup Mirrors Suck!My Profile

  17. This cafe looks like the perfect place to enjoy a delicious treat and some Java. I think I would be able to get a lot of work done there.

  18. The waffles with strawberries looks yummy. I am a cappuccino person, so I would of tried that. Sounds like a good place to try.

  19. MomJonz says:

    I was getting excited to hear about the Lavendar Latte. Bummer that it was lacking. All the food looka delicious though.
    MomJonz recently posted…I Don’t Do Vomit Y’allMy Profile

  20. Crystal Gard says:

    This looks like a stunning little cafe

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