Exploring Fayetteville Square: The Kandied Kernel Popcorn & Kreamery

Kandied Kernel Popcorn & Kreamery - Fayetteville NY

During our trip to Soleil Café in Fayetteville NY, something a few doors down caught my eye. We love ice cream, and I love different-flavored popcorn, so seeing Kandied Kernel Popcorn & Kreamery was a real treat (no pun intended). When I walked inside, it had this olde-time general store kind of feel to it. Barrels of popcorn decorated the floor. There was a lot to visually take in…my head was literally about to explode with all of the flavors and possibilities. Another cool thing about this place is that you can ‘try before you buy.’

Kandied Kernel Popcorn & Kreamery Drizzled Popcorn

The Kandied Kernel Popcorn & Kreamery in Fayetteville sells their own handmade ice cream, in addition to another brand that I forgot. I also overlooked taking a photo of the ice cream selection, but here’s a picture from Kandied Kernel’s Facebook page to get an idea of the quality:

Ice Cream at Kandied Kernel Popcorn & Kreamery

We brought home my Dad a Kween Cup of Chocolate Banana Raspberry ice cream. He ate it all, and my Mom remarked that the banana flavor was really good. She requested the Chocolate Lovers, which had brownie pieces in it. She said that she felt satisfied. Although I sampled the Nutella S’mores flavor at the shop, which was good, I didn’t leave with any ice cream…because I chose to concentrate on the popcorn instead.

There are all sorts of different popcorn flavors to explore, and it was hard settling on just two so that I could take advantage of the 2 for $5 Grab-n-Go price.

Kandied Kernel Popcorn & Kreamery Grab n Go

In the end, I bought the following:

Kandied Kernel Popcorn & Kreamery Sour Patch and Heath Bar Popcorn

Heath Bar: Oh-my-goodness…this is one of the best popcorn mash-ups I’ve ever had. It is incredibly satisfying, chocolately (but not overwhelmingly so). The popcorn is still crisp, fresh, and not stale or chewy from the Heath Bar drizzle. I am definitely buying this again.

Sour Patch: The name alone piqued my interest. The popcorn has a light candy coating with a dusting of sourness that is addicting. Love it! Definitely captures the flavor of Sour Patch Kids.

Just a few other popcorn flavors to consider include Pickle Juice (I should have sampled this), Sea Salt Karamel, Banana, Fireball, Fruit Salad, Snickers, and Hot Wing & Blue Cheese. According to their website, there are also locations in Liverpool, NY and Cicero, NY.

Heath Bar or Sour Patch?

What gourmet popcorn flavor do you like best?

16 thoughts on “Exploring Fayetteville Square: The Kandied Kernel Popcorn & Kreamery”

  1. Ayesha Heart says:

    It’s a cheat day! These are love <3 Ice cream is heaven. Those colored popcorn reminds of my childhood 🙂

  2. Kathy Kenny Ngo says:

    It’s 2am in the morning here and seeing this article is like a torture to me. It makes me hungry!

  3. Erlene A says:

    I love old fashioned type sweet shops. I would probably skip the ice cream, but I would be all over the popcorn.

  4. Glenda Kruse says:

    This place is dangerous for me because I love sweats. I know my kids would love this place 🙂
    Glenda Kruse recently posted…Accessory Review: Organizer, Sunglasses & WatchMy Profile

  5. This looks like so much fun! I know my kiddos would love it <3
    Rachel Mouton recently posted…Help Your Students Feel Like Superheroes For Less At Walmart #TeacherRewardsKitMy Profile

  6. Omg what a yummy place!!!! I just love popcorn!

  7. Leigh Anne Borders says:

    What a fun place to visit. I think the small places like this are the best to go to. They are full of character and offer neat things.

  8. Talk about a kid in a candy store! I would be in heaven at this store! All of the flavors look amazing, but I think I would like the heath bar the best! Thanks for sharing this!
    Kristi @Homestead Wishing recently posted…Salmon, Brie, and Strawberry Jalapeño Fruit Spread – Easy Gourmet SnackMy Profile

  9. This looks like an amazing shop!! I have never heard of Heath popcorn I bet it tastes amazing!
    William Sweeney recently posted…I Love That Kronos Celebrates All American Workers, Every 1 In 100 Million #WorkforceStories #1in100MMMy Profile

  10. Nicole Escat says:

    I love those popcorns! So many colors! My son will surely love that.

  11. Elizabeth O. says:

    Oh wow! I think I’d enjoy this more than the Soleil Cafe! They have really interesting popcorn flavors and I’m glad that they meet expectations when it comes to that too. I would love to stop by this place!

  12. The Heath Bar popcorn is my choice! Oh they look so yummy. I would love to sample everything from the ice cream selection. I wish they had a store near us. I’d be there everyday for sure!

  13. Jess C says:

    OMG these all look amazing!!! I love sweet and salty popcorn – the perfect mix! 🙂

  14. Dawn says:

    Just like you, I’m in love with ice cream! Next time I’m up in NY I will be going for a visit. This place looks like Disney Land to me!

  15. Jojo Vito says:

    wow! different flavors of popcorn? they all look exciting 🙂

  16. That ice cream looks like heaven. I like caramel popcorn myself. Sounds like a neat little shop.

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