Fidget Spinners are Pretty Cool…and Not Just for the Kids

ZekPro Anti Anxiety 360 Spinner Toy - Gold Edition

When I pulled the ZekPro Anti-Anxiety 360 Spinner Toy from its packaging, I was skeptical. How can something like this help with anxiety, let alone promote better focus…for students? This spinner toy (and similar products referred to as ‘fidget spinners’) have really taken off. There are three weighty bearings that send the toy spinning for more than 2 minutes straight (if you have the patience to watch it go for that long without spinning it again).

Before I introduced the spinner to my nephew, I tested it out myself.

At first, I spun the toy on the palm of my hand, then on my finger, and then on the arm of my chair. With a quiet whirl, watching the spinner in action is kind of mesmerizing. I tried to see how fast I could get it to go, and fussed with it while I watched TV. Once I finally put the spinner down, I felt drawn to it shortly thereafter and wanted to have it in my hand. I can’t say that it helped me focus, but I will say that the spinner has this calming, relaxing effect. I like spinning the ‘toy,’ and then gently wave it from side to side to produce this rhythmic effect.

I can definitely see how something like this can take your mind off of negative thoughts, fear, and feeling impatient.

Once I conducted my assessment of the spinner toy, it was time to show my nephew. When he saw the box, his eyes lit up. He immediately knew what it was. With excitement in his voice, he went on to tell me how he really wanted one of these…and how teachers actually give them out to kids during class to help with concentration. It was like he was selling me on the product. He played with the fidget spinner for days and days; didn’t break it; and even took it to school without getting in trouble with it. There are also YouTube videos that show you how to get the most enjoyment out of the fidget spinner.

My Nephew Loves Fidget Spinners

Now, the ZekPro Spinner Toy that I received was labeled ‘GOLD Edition,’ and the photo on the outside of the packaging did not reflect the product inside. What you get is neither shiny nor gold-looking, but is instead, dull and brownish in color. If you are a collector of fidget spinners, then you’re going to be disappointed. I am not a collector (and also received this product at a discounted price), so I could care less about the color…but if I did pay full price and expected to receive a gold spinner, then I would not be a happy camper.

The plastic parts of the ZekPro Spinner Toy that I received was solidly constructed, did not feel cheap, and did not break…even when my nephew dropped it on our hardwood floor. I’ve encountered the same type of spinning toy at local stores, and you can tell that the plastic is of lower quality.

What do you think of ‘fidget spinners?’

Disclosure: I received this product at a discounted price. I was not obligated to write a review on my site, but decided to because I was pleased with this spinner.

11 thoughts on “Fidget Spinners are Pretty Cool…and Not Just for the Kids”

  1. Amber Nelson says:

    I never thought of this for anxiety! This may be something that I get for myself!

  2. Heather says:

    These are so popular now and my eight year old daughter has asked for one. It looks like a great stress reliever for me too!
    Heather recently posted…Dr Pepper® Ice Cream Shake Recipe Inspired by Wonder WomanMy Profile

  3. Elizabeth O. says:

    Honestly, I think it’s a good distraction especially for people who are dealing with anxiety or simply those who would like to ease their nerves. It’s something that a lot of people can benefit from.

  4. Amanda Love says:

    I think this is a nice little gadget especially for people who are dealing with anxiety. It’s definitely helpful. These days though, I can see a lot of people who simply enjoy playing with it.
    Amanda Love recently posted…The Oversized Denim JacketMy Profile

  5. Brittany says:

    I’ve been hearing so much about these lately! I’m dying to play with one to see what it’s like! I feel like it would be so distracting for myself! ha

  6. My kids all have their own, and at first I didn’t get it; then I tried it and it clicked.
    Lily @militaryfamof8 recently posted…Being New-Car Smart with Kelley Blue Book #YouAutoKnowHispzMy Profile

  7. Jeanine says:

    I just heard about these the other day. I had no idea what they were though so this is really neat. I know if it would help with my stress I would for sure get one!

  8. I just learned about these last night and was fascinated with them. I watched a young boy play with it for hours.
    Terri Steffes recently posted…Grilled Kielbasa and Warm Mustard Vinaigrette Salad #SundaySupperMy Profile

  9. Glenda says:

    The fidget toys are really popular with young kids. I just ordered a fidget spinner for my son. He said he needs it because school stresses him out LOL.

  10. Erica says:

    I’ve never heard of fidget spinners but they seem like a great concept. As a kid, I was always stressed when it came to homework. And a lot of times I would just juggle to help feel calm. Even at the time, I though this seemed probably a little nutty. But somehow focusing on all 3 balls at once made me let go of all my scattered worrying. And I would imagine this probably works in kind of the same way. Will check it out, because I think many entrepreneurs need this too!
    Erica recently posted…Your Pre-Diet Game Plan For A Weight Loss Victory!My Profile

  11. Anything that helps with anxiety sounds perfect! I could see how watching the spinner could take your mind off of your problems!

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