Fit & Active Caramel Rice Snacks

Posted on Friday, April 13th, 2012

Thanks to my Mom, I have incorporated a new low-calorie snack into my repertoire. To satisfy snack cravings, Fit & Active (found at Aldi’s) offers Caramel Rice Snacks – a tasty sweet fix with crunch. If you’re looking for something incredibly healthy with loads of fiber and vitamins, this is not it.

The rice snacks are good for calorie counters and people looking for something to calm a nagging desire to taste something sweet. They’re also perfect when you don’t want to make an entire bag of popcorn, and just want a quick guilt-free snack.

One serving of the rice snacks equals 8 mini cakes and are only 60 calories. The rice cakes are small, but not too small that you won’t feel satisfied. Don’t laugh, but I think the scent of the caramel rice cakes possess a bit of aromatherapy qualities. After opening the bag, take a whiff and enjoy the aroma. Sweetly soothing.

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