Gift Idea for Dessert Lovers: Chocolate Waffleshots

If you’re looking for a way to elevate your mini-dessert creativity, then you might want to take a look at ‘waffle shots’ – chocolate-dipped mini waffle cone cups that you fill with extra tastiness.  The first time I saw these lil’ temptations was on

They featured two different flavors: Bittersweet Chocolate and Cookies & Cream. After further investigation, the company has their own website, where you can purchase these flavors in addition to S’mores (which is coated with chocolate, graham cracker, and marshmallow).

The outer rim and insides of Waffleshots are dipped in Belgium chocolate (and sometimes extra accents).

One box of Waffleshots contains six 2-ounce servings for $22.50.

Of course you can fill the mini cups with ice cream (and create impressive mini-sundaes), but they are also perfect for liqueurs (think Kahlua or Bailey’s Irish Cream) and making indulgent espresso or macchiato shots. I know I’d probably top whatever I made with whipped cream.

I love giving shout outs to Made-in-the-USA products, and Waffleshots is one of them – the company is headquartered in California.

Aside from online ordering, you can get your hands on Waffleshots faster if you are a resident of California. They are sold at the following places: Neiman Marcus, Alfred Coffee (in multiple locations), TOMS store in Venice, and Bristol Farms. The Nespresso Boutique & Cafe in California (as well as in New York) also sells them.

Out of all the places I’ve seen selling Waffleshots, I have to say that Neiman Marcus takes it to another level by offering a greater range of colors and unique flavors within their inventory. Ideal for gift-giving, they sell Multicolored Waffleshots in a rainbow of hues; Holiday Waffleshots (peppermint bark, chocolate truffle and champagne); and Dessert Waffleshots (tiramisu, cheesecake and brownie). They retail for around $28 for a pack of six.

I’m thinking that the ‘Holiday’ collection would be my first choice, followed by the S’Mores flavor.

So, what do you think of Waffleshots?

How’d you use them – buy ’em or gift ’em?

36 thoughts on “Gift Idea for Dessert Lovers: Chocolate Waffleshots”

  1. Terra Heck says:

    These would be fun to serve at a party. They’re kinda expensive though.

  2. I think I would love these! I always say the cone is the best part lol

  3. Andrea says:

    WOW these are so adorable and would be great to fill with ice cream or even like chocolate pudding or something lighter. I love that they come in family and adult kind really cool.

  4. Yummy. These remind me of the cookie cups created by Dominque Ansel, but at least you don’t have to wait in line to try these little delights. What a great gift to give a chocolate lover, like me.

  5. Angela Ricardo Bethea says:

    I’ve tried this waffleshots and its taste so good. My husband gave me this when I was pregnant and I really love it. and yes, this is a perfect gift idea for the dessert lovers.

  6. Danita says:

    Those may just be one of the cutest foods I’ve ever seen! I have got to get some! Cookies and Cream anything is my favorite. Oh, the possibilities!

  7. I have never seen these before but they would be so fun at any party!
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  8. kim says:

    Oh my goodness, I would make these in a heart beat if I could find them. These cute little things would go over well at my family’s Christmas party!!!

  9. Heather says:

    These look like so much fun and would be a great party gift! They would also be a really fun treat to serve at a holiday party we’re hosting.

  10. Roch says:

    OMG these waffleshots look really great and delicious. These are perfect conversation starters during parties and gifts to loved ones especially who have sweet tooth. I’d love to try peppermint bark and champagne.

  11. Danielle says:

    I’m addicted to waffle cones so count me in for these. How perfect are they for a party or just a late night snack. Now I want ice cream!

  12. There are so many things that you can do with these waffleshots! I love the idea of giving them to family and friends this season, I’m sure they’ll enjoy it!
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  13. reesa says:

    oh my goodness how delicious looking are these?! I need to find these ASAP!

  14. Oh my gosh! These are just the cutest things! I think I need these for me!

  15. Angela Cardamone says:

    This sound like such a great idea to make treats! I am going to check them out because my kids will LOVE them!!

  16. Rachel says:

    These look great for parties! I have never seen them in stores, so I am going to have to hunt them down.

  17. hmm these sound amazing! I have never heard of them before and a waffle cone is always too much for me. But mini ones filled with goodness are a must!

  18. Shoshana Sue says:

    Too bad I am not in California. I would have wanted to experience the waffleshots. They look like they would have a story to tell during the social gatherings!I would fill them out with sundaes.

  19. Erica says:

    When I first saw a picture of these waffle shots, the first thing I thought is they would go great with Bailey’s or Kahulua. So I was happy to see you mention those brands. These waffle shots seem to really help you make the most out of dessert liquor. I’m not really a drinker, but I could for sure get excited by this.

  20. Oh my these look great. I love them. Perfect for so many desserts and treats. Perfect for even some holiday cocktails. YUM!! Perfect little gift to take to your next holiday gathering.
    Censie Sawyer recently posted…Last Minute Gift Guide For Coffee LoversMy Profile

  21. Cyn Gagen says:

    Oh I’ve never seen these before. What a fun idea. I’m going to look for them and serve them at my next party.

  22. I need these in my life like right now! I had no idea these existed but now that I do, I think I can’t live without them being in my home, hidden from my children, just for me!
    Jessica Joachim recently posted…Christmas Eve BoxMy Profile

  23. Jessica says:

    I have never seen those! I love them! I would put in some fruit and whipped cream!

  24. serena says:

    Super cute! I haven’t seen these before. But I can think of a ton of ways to use them. Yum

  25. Shell says:

    These are absolutely adorable little cups!!! They look so fun and I’m sure my kiddos would love them!

  26. brianne says:

    These are the cutest little cups ever. I’ve never seen these before and have to buy them!

  27. Lisa says:

    These are great! I actually made some last year, I need to grab some more. I filled mine with ice cream and everyone enjoyed them.

  28. Tina Butler says:

    How cute and fun for a party. I was thinking Kahlua would be great, but the macchiato shots sound delicious. These are also the perfect gift for the special someone who has everything.

  29. Lisa Favre says:

    I’ve had something similar before and they are fantastic! I love putting a shot of espresso in mine.
    Lisa Favre recently posted…Your Holiday Menu: Chocolate Madeleines with Caramel DipMy Profile

  30. I made these homemade last year and they were a hit! I love this cuties!
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  31. I love chocolate and these look like a great gift idea. I would totally love these! I cam think of so many great uses of them.

  32. Trisha McKee says:

    What?! These are like a dream come true! I would fill it with whipped cream!

  33. You had me at the gift of dessert. The way to my heart is through my stomach. I think these are super cute, and I’m happy that we have family travelling to Cali shortly, I’ll be putting these on my wishlist.

  34. Karen Morse says:

    Those shot glasses are really adorable! They’re perfect for cookies and I can imagine my family loving those! I’d love to give those as gifts!

  35. I love these little cones of delight, they come in adult and family style so we all get our favorite ice cream or adult shot. I will look for these for my next party.

  36. Mary Gardner says:

    I love these! I think they would be great filled with mousse or ice cream.

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