Go Raw Organic Lemon Super Cookies

Posted on Friday, February 1st, 2013

Go Raw Lemon Cookies

Offering the perfect blend of taste bud-awakening lemon oil and satisfying sweetness, Go Raw Organic Lemon Super Cookies are one of my absolute, new favorite treats. I literally had to hide the snacks from my brother so I could complete my assessment…and mostly because I did not want to share. If you are looking for a sweet treat with crunch that satisfies cravings and stays in line with dietary restrictions, such as a nut allergy, gluten sensitivity or wheat allergy, make sure to seek out the lemon-flavored variety of Go Raw Super Cookies.


Organic Coconut (Unsulphured), Sprouted Organic Sesame Seeds, Organic Dates, Organic Lemon Oil

The Health Factor

There is no wheat, gluten, nuts, trans fat, cholesterol, or GMOs in the Lemon Super Cookies. They are also certified organic and vegan. For those following a wheat-free and sugar-free lifestyle, including diabetics or Wheat Belly Dieters, take care in knowing that the Super Cookies are sweetened with organic dates.

Go Raw ‘live’ food is made with sprouted seeds, which are considered healthier and easier to digest. These types of seeds are considered the “most nutritionally dense foods on the planet” – dried under 105 degrees F to release enzymes. The family-owned company is responsible for a handmade product prepared in an all-raw kitchen.

By the Numbers
(about 18 pieces)

160 calories
70 fat calories

8 grams fat
21 grams carbs
2 grams protein
4 grams fiber

Recommended Daily Value %

  • Fiber – 16%
  • Calcium – 8%
  • Iron – 4 %


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