How Do Pillsbury Moist Supreme Pink Lemonade Cupcakes Taste?

Pillsbury Pink Lemonade Cupcake Mix

I’m all for trying new flavors of desserts, but pink lemonade-flavored cupcakes? The thought never crossed my mind to purchase them until my sweetie pushed the issue. The Pillsbury Pink Lemonade flavor is part of the Moist Supreme Premium Cake Mix line, and it was on sale. All of their novelty flavors, like Mango and Watermelon, were marked down in price from 99 cents to $1.49. I picked up their mango cupcake mix, cookie mix, and the frosting for a rainy day.

It takes 3 eggs, ½ cup of oil and 1 cup of water to make these cupcakes. The box also offers an egg white recipe that cuts down the amount of cholesterol, but I decided to go for the gusto and use whole eggs. After beating all the ingredients together, a quick whiff of the batter revealed the distinct scent of pink lemonade. While baking, the odd scent of ‘hot’ pink lemonade hit the air.

Pillsbury Pink Lemonade Cupcakes

I was a little concerned how the cupcakes would turn out because it seemed that the batter really thickened up as I was beating it. My overall thought on the taste is that it’s a fun flavor that tastes even better with the Pink Lemonade frosting that Pillsbury offers. The cupcakes don’t have an overwhelmingly strong lemonade flavor, but just enough to give you a summertime kind of vibe. Also, these cupcakes taste very good with a glass of cold milk by your side.

Pillsbury Pink Lemonade Frosting

What do you think of Pink Lemonade flavored cupcakes?

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