How Much Do I Love the CHILIPET Leash? Let Me Count the Ways…

Chilipet Dog Leash with Cushioned Handle

You know how some people stash food, candy and other goodies that they don’t want other people to use, eat or find…well, I take it to the next level…I am a leash stasher. That’s right, I am hiding the CHILIPET Dual Handle Leash from everybody because I love it that much. My nephew will probably leave it on the floor to get eaten by our destruct-o-mite Chihuahua mix, Rosey; my brother will probably leave it in his car and then it disappears; and my mother…well, I said she could use it, but she told me she doesn’t want to be responsible for it. That’s how much I love this leash.

Why do I love it so much…here are a few reasons…

Chilipet Dog Leash Has Two Handles

Not one handle, but two. If you’re looking to train your pooch, this leash offers two separate handles: the regular one and the one located 1 foot away from the snap hook. Rosey loves people, but other dogs…not so much. Therefore, having a handle that allows me to pull her closer to my side is extremely convenient. The very first time using the leash and I had to use it to pull her back from growl-barking at a Golden Retriever.

A nice length (6 feet). The leash gives six feet of leeway for your dog to walk, which I really like because I’m sure Rosey enjoys the added freedom. This is the longest leash that I now own.

Cushioned handle grips. I’ve never had a leash that had a cushioned inside grip. It feels like some sort of neoprene material, but it feels incredibly pleasant on the hand.

Chilipet Dog Leash has Reflective Stitching

Reflective stitching. I do a lot of night-walking with my dog, especially in the summertime when the temperature becomes more bearable for pets. Having reflective stitching is such a thoughtful feature to have on a leash – giving added protection for both owner and canine.

Sturdy leash and snap hook. The leash is well-built, sturdy, and durable. The craftsmanship on the snap hook is well made, and gives me no worries that it will unlatch unexpectedly or give way for a constant puller. The company states that the leash offers a “High Tensile Force of 350 lbs.”

Chilipet Dog Leash Has Two Cushioned Handles

It looks good. Although my photos do not show it, the black color plus the silvery reflective stitching make for a really attractive leash.

By the handle, there is also this chrome polished D-ring meant for attaching a waste bag dispenser, which I don’t intend on using, but something my mother would totally use. She tried to get me to test it out with the little bone-shaped dispenser we have, but I wasn’t going for it. I like to carry my poop bags a little more discreetly.

Disclosure: I was able to purchase this product for a discounted price, in exchange for sharing my views, which are 100% my own. If you doubt my enthusiasm for this product, you can just ask my Mom.



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