I Am in Love with Kashi Go Lean Clusters Vanilla Pepita Cereal

Kashi Go Lean Clusters - Vanilla Pepita

Kashi Go Lean Clusters Vanilla Pepita Cereal is a lightly sweetened gluten-free combination of red beans, pepitas, pea crisps, and sorghum, which resembles tiny popcorn with a similar airy texture. The pepitas (just a cuter way of saying ‘pumpkin seed’) are a welcome addition to the cereal, and provides a bit of nuttiness to the mix.

I received a single-serve sample in the mail, and started eating it as a standalone snack, and left just enough to see how it tasted drenched in milk.  Milk seems to intensify the sweetness of this cereal. After I finished the sample, I said to myself that I was DEFINITELY purchasing this Kashi Go Lean product again.

Kashi Go Lean Clusters Cereal - Vanilla Pepita

My only gripe about this cereal (which is a common issue with of these types of products) is the threat of the intermittent rock-hard, party-crasher. In this case, I believe it’s the pea crisps. I cautiously chew this cereal because if you haphazardly munch on it with reckless abandon, you could possibly break a tooth. The other day, I pulled what felt like a tiny BB-gun pellet between my teeth. It was a legitimate part of the cereal, but it was incredibly hard…so hard, that when I tried to smash it with a weight…it did not budge. In the three boxes that I bought, I’ve encountered a really hard piece of cereal about three times. It might not happen to you, but I think it’s something to definitely be aware of.

A Cluster from Kashi Go Lean Clusters Cereal - Vanilla Pepita

If you are looking for something that packs a sugary punch…look elsewhere. This is a lightly sweetened cereal. My Mom tried this cereal, and exclaimed that it wasn’t sweet enough. I don’t think she was impressed, but I’m not looking for a sugary taste. I want tasty healthiness in my bowl, and Kashi Go Lean Vanilla Pepita Cereal delivers…for me, at least. So much so that I have since purchased three boxes of this cereal.

I Love Kashi Go Lean Clusters Cereal - Vanilla Pepita

By the Numbers

(1 cup serving)

230 calories

60 fat calories

  • 6 grams of fiber (25% of recommended daily value – RDV)
  • 9 grams of protein (12% RDV)
  • Iron – 10% RDV Calcium – 6% RDV

Disclosure: I received a free sample through Pinch Me. I was not obligated to share my opinions about the product, but I had to because I LOVE it.




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