I Can Make Perfect Circles Now with Kewer 2 Sketch Master LetterCraft Set

Make a Perfect Circle

As an artist, I find it very hard to make a perfect circle, so if there is something that allows me to create one quickly and effectively – it has my attention. These Kewer 2 Sketch Master templates take away all of the frustration associated with trying to make tidy-looking circles and ellipses. You receive two separate templates (both with nearly 30 different-sized large and small diameters), and every one of the shapes accommodate the 2 ½ by 3 ½ inch pieces of cardstock that I use to make artist trading cards.

The plastic used to make the templates is relatively sturdy. You have a very small amount of flexibility with them, but for the most part, I do not worry about them breaking when storing with other art supplies. When using a pencil to draw circles using the template, the sturdiness helps keep a steady hand when in motion. Both the circle and ellipse templates offer a ruler edge in centimeters, which I think is helpful. There are also notch marks outside of each circle or ellipse that provide further measurement assistance.

Erasing ShieldThis set of templates also comes with an erasing shield (something I have never used before), and love the concept. It basically does what it suggests…place it on an intended space and you can erase exact shapes into drawings and shaded backgrounds. You can easily create precision with clean edges in your work. The erasing shield works on both sides. I tested out a few shapes and the results were impressive. I really look forward to being able to add this element to future cards.

Honestly, I don’t know why I never had anything like this before because these templates are really useful.

Disclosure: I was able to purchase these items at a discounted price, in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.




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