I LOVE Albanese Sugar Free Gummi Bears, but Just Don’t Eat Too Many at Once

Sugar Free Albanese Gummi Bears

I spied with my little eye a bag of sugar-free gummi bears at K-Mart that allows me to easily enjoy the colorful bursts of chewy flavor when I’m looking for a sugarless candy fix. Albanese is a brand of gummi treats (including worms and butterflies) that makes a Sugar Free version of their gummi bears in 12 fabulously delicious flavors. The gummi bears are not only sugar free, but also fat free, gluten free, and low in sodium.

I’ve never had a Grape flavored gummi bear before, and inside Albanese’s 3.5-ounce pouch, you also get Cherry, Strawberry, Mango, Pineapple, Lemon, Orange, Green Apple, Watermelon, Lime, Blue Raspberry, and Pink Grapefruit, which is one of my absolute favorites.

A serving size of about 6 gummi bears equals 45-50 calories, which is really good for satisfying a candy craving.

But overdo it, and like most sugar-free goodies that contain ingredients (like malitol syrup), and you’ll get a rude bowel awakening….if you know what I mean.

The sugar free gummi bears are also a Made-in-the-USA product, hailing from the Albanese Confectionery Group, Inc in Hobart, Indiana. I immediately tried to find a way to buy these flavorful gummi bears in bulk for a lower cost, but the 12-flavor assortment is relatively new, and only available on Albanese’s website from what I can see. I purchased mine from K-Mart of all places, and promptly went back to purchase the rest of the stock (four more bags). They were priced at $1.79 each at Kmart (and no longer sold there), and are $2.10 on Albanese’s website.

I hope the company expands the availability of these sugar free gummi treats to other local stores in the near future. But for now, I have to buy online…and most recently used Swagbucks to purchase an Amazon gift card that allowed me to order a 12-pack of these gummies, priced at $19.99.

Have you ever had Albanese candy before?

What’s your favorite?

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