I Love Foxy Loves Denim Harness and Leash – It’s Fashionable and Sturdy

Rosey Wearing Harness Leash

As soon as I pulled the Foxy Loves denim harness and leash out of the package, I had my fingers crossed that it would fit Rosey, our Chihuahua/Boston mix. The size is described as small/medium, and since she’s on the longish side, I thought it would fit. Since the harness and leash is made out of denim and a blue material underneath, the company suggests that you initially wash it before your first use in 104-degree water. So I washed in warm water, dried it, and we were good to go.

Foxy Loves Denim Harness and Leash

Foxy Loves, the company that sells this harness and leash duo, sent out a thoughtful email and detailed instructions on how to put the harness on. Despite this, I still struggled slightly, but looking at the image featured for their online product description helped answer a few questions.

It didn’t take long after that to get the harness and leash on Rosey. After tightening all of the straps, she had a little room in the chest area, but for the most part, I’d feel comfortable with her wearing it and wouldn’t worry about her slipping out of it. The only thing is…the harness and leash is so well-made and sturdy (and since I had to tighten everything so much) – the material doubled over on her lil’ body and looked uncomfortable for her size. She’s just really too small to fit this…and I’m heartbroken because this is the cutest, most fashionable leash and harness that I’ve ever seen.

Rosey Wearing Harness - a bit Too Loose

At least someone will benefit from the harness/leash, as I will be donating it to the local shelter where we got Rosey from…and someone else will fall in love with it…just like I did.

Disclosure: I was able to purchase this product at a deep discount, in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.





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