I Love the NACOCO Adidog Panda Dog Hoodie

Rosey Laying Down in Adidog Hoodie

I’ve never liked the thought of ‘dressing up’ dogs, but with an 11-pound Chihuahua mix (it’s a must). Plus, she’s a shelter dog originally from Alabama, and the snow and chilly temperatures in Upstate NY has got to be a shock. I absolutely fell in love with NACOCO Adidog Panda hoodie, and knew it was for Rosey.

Rosey Being Held in her Adidog Hoodie


The hoodie is well-made, well-stitched, and comes with four sturdy snap-ons for underneath the body. Rosey wanted to chew on the first snap, and went after the sleeve once, and I’m happy to report that everything stood up to her lil’ teeth with no signs of damage. The hoodie is very warm inside. After a few minutes getting used to it, Rosey definitely appreciated the hoodie, and was racing around without a second thought.

Rosey Standing Up in Adidog Hoodie

Picking a Size

To choose the best size for your dog, I suggest measuring their neck, chest and body length. We tried measuring our 11-pound Chihuahua mix pooch as best as we could (because the numbers seemed to keep changing), and I believe her final measurements were:

  • Neck 11 inches
  • Chest 15 ¼
  • Length 14 inches

I read from other reviewers that the hoodie runs small, and one commenter said ‘if your dog is anywhere near the measurements for a larger size, then get the larger size’…so I ordered an XXL to m

ake sure nothing was tight, and that it was long enough for her, because I feel she has a longish body. I am quite pleased with the way the XXL fits her. She could probably fit into a XL, and be fine, but I did not want to take the chance.

My Mom joked that maybe my brother and nephew could start taking her to the gym now.

Rosey Sitting Down in her Adidog Hoodie - I Swear She's Not on Punishment

Disclosure: I received a discount to purchase this hoodie in exchange of my honest opinion, and I loved it so much that I bought a second one.




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