I Really Like Neutrogena Rapid Dark Circle Repair

The Size of Neutrogena Rapid Dark Circle Repair

Incorporating an anti-aging skin care regimen into your daily beauty routine is highly recommended. Since I tend to go light on the cosmetics, the thought of using products like Neutrogena Rapid Dark Circle Repair eye cream hasn’t really interested me until I started reading that it’s never too early to start.

In between pulling all-nighters writing for clients and late-night Netflix marathons of Scandal, yes, I do wake up with dark circles from poor sleeping habits. I’m guilty.

Holding Neutrogena Rapid Dark Circle Repair

Neutrogena Rapid Dark Circle Repair comes in a slender, mascara-like tube with one of the softest brush tips I’ve ever encountered. You twist the bottom of the tube to send product into the brush. The product appears in the middle of the brush, and then you just apply under the eyes. To me, it feels gentle and relaxing, and leaves a nearly undetectable faint beige shimmer that is made to reflect light in just the right way to minimize the appearance of dark circles and brighten the eyes. This ophthalmologist-tested product works well alone or under makeup.

Testing Out Neutrogena Rapid Dark Circle Eye Repair

I used Neutrogena Rapid Dark Circle Repair for one week, and I have to say, I am impressed…so impressed…that I will shell out the 20 or so dollars that it costs to purchase another tube when my free sample runs out. I know you can’t tell by the pictures, but it is an eye-opening (no pun intended) experience to say the least.

Disclosure: I was given a sample of this product in order to conduct a review. My opinions are 100% my own.


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