If You Love Dried Fruit, then You Have to Try the Tartiness of Sunsweet Green Mango

Sunsweet Pacific Tropicals Philippine Green Mango Dried Fruit

I received a pouch of Sunsweet Pacific Tropicals Philippine Green Mango when I attended the Taste of Syracuse last weekend. The company had a booth with samples that included the Cherry Plum Sunsweet Fruit & Nut Clusters that I reviewed last month, Sunsweet prunes, and the dried green mango featured here. As I read the packaging, the words ‘tart and tangy’ are used to describe the fruit, and I couldn’t agree more. This is a dried fruit snack that lives up to its claim.

Sunsweet’s Philippine Green Mango is a unique dried fruit snack – it’s something I haven’t come across on the market.

One serving of Philippine Green Mango equals ¼ cup and 140 calories. If you purchase the 5-ounce resealable pouch, you will get about 3 ½ servings. Other healthy highlights of the mango snack include 8% of your recommended daily value (RDV) of fiber (2 grams) and 25% RDV of Vitamin C. Despite the deliciousness, one thing that disappointed me about this snack is that sugar is an ingredient, which leads to one serving having 23 grams. For me, I just really find it completely unnecessary to add sugar to a dried fruit product. This is a pet peeve of mine.

Philippine Green Mango is part of a Pacific Tropicals line of dried fruit snacks that also includes: Philippine Mango (5-ounce bag), Philippine Pineapple (6-ounce bag), and Thai Coconut (3-ounce bag).

Do you like dried fruit? What’s your favorite?

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