I’m a Fan of Lay’s Passport of Flavor Wavy Greek Tzatziki Potato Chips

Lays Greek Tzatziki Potato Chips - Passport of Flavor

I’d like to say that I have an adventurous palate, and I normally go bonkers over limited edition and featured-special flavors, but I have to admit that Lays really pushed my limits with their latest line of global Passport to Flavor potato chips. Lay’s Brazilian Picanha, Chinese Szechuan Chicken, and Indian Tikka Masala (kettle cooked) are just way too much for me to wrap my tastebuds around. I’ve been trying to use restraint in my selection of limited edition and new temptations. I recently learned my lesson with Wise’s Feta Cheese chips.

The only flavor that seemed like something I’d like to try was the Wavy Greek Tzatziki chips. And, man oh man…I am so happy that I picked these up. The flavor profile is on the ‘cooler’ side, where the blend of garlic, dill, and Greek yogurt create this satisfying meld of cucumber-y deliciousness. I really, really, really like these chips. Also, since they are Wavy Lays, you get that thick, textured crunch that enhances the overall chip-eating experience.

Wavy Lays GreekTzatziki Potato Chips

You can eat Wavy Greek Tzatziki Lay’s as a standalone snack, or pair with a dip if you like. I shared with my mother, and she also enjoyed guessing the different flavors, and giving a ‘thumbs up’ before I revealed the name of the chips.

Lays Passport of Flavors Line of Potato Chips

Did you try any of Lay’s Passport to Flavor chips?



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