I’m Hooked on David’s Tea quangzhou milk oolong

Davids Tea qquangzhou milk oolong

I’ve never had David’s Tea before until it popped up in a Love with Food box that I ordered way back when. The outside of the package stated this oolong is “creamy & dreamy,” and I must say… it does not disappoint. The very first word that came to mind when sipping this tea was definitely ‘creamy.’ It has a lightly sweetened milky taste. I wish I would have sampled it before adding a bit of honey, but all in all, I was instantly hooked. Overall, the taste is relaxing, smooth, and satisfying.

The ingredients of tea are listed as Chinese oolong tea from the Wuyi Mountains and natural flavoring. The tea is classified as providing a medium level of caffeine. On the packet, it states that the ideal temperature to steep the tea is water boiled to 185 degrees F (or 85 C) for 4 to 7 minutes. The tea is high quality, which I could tell by looking at the leaves after being brewed.

David’s Tea quangzhou milk oolong is definitely one of my new favorite teasso much so…that after searching for a way to save money on David’s Tea, I’ve decided to purchase it for the full price (gasp)… $12.98 for 2 ounces. If you’re not lucky enough to live in a locale that sells David’s Tea, like Chicago, New York City, or Canada, then you’ll have to order online. I have yet to find this flavor on Amazon, eBay, or anywhere else.

Have you ever tried David’s Tea before?


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