I’m Trying…a Wheat-free Diet (or the Wheat Belly Diet)

nowheatchefMost people face a higher chance of sticking to a diet plan when they have a diet-buddy. After a great deal (and I mean a great deal) of hemming and hawing, I agreed to follow the Wheat Belly Diet (eating wheat-free) for a minimum of one month with my brother. This diet is based on the book, “Weight Belly…Lose the Wheat…Lose the Weight…” by Dr. William Davis – a New York Times bestseller. You’ll be surprised just how many things really do contain wheat – it’s not just breads and cereals, folks.

I don’t find eating wheat-free as restrictive as other “diets,” but it does eliminate many of my favorite things, such as sweets, breads, bagels, pasta, lots of fruits, candy, and breakfast foods. However, the ‘diet’ promises weight loss and improved overall health. Wheat produces an inflammatory effect in the body, and can help create or worsen numerous medical ailments. I read that our bodies do not effectively metabolize wheat and wheat products.

For me, the hardest things to give up include ice cream and flavored coffee creamers. There’s really no substitute for ice cream, and I’m going to have to make coconut milk my new best friend. In a couple of weeks, I’ll look into wheat-free frozen dessert options – there has to be something out there. This little experiment is also coming at a bad time for me since I just got a crock pot for Christmas…and my refrigerator is filled with holiday creamers, including a giant bottle of Limited Edition Coffeemate Eggnog.

What You Can Eat

wheatbellyfoodsYou can eat an unlimited amount of vegetables (except potatoes or corn), raw nuts and seeds, oils, meats and eggs, cheese (no processed slices, like Kraft), non-sugary condiments (mustard), salsa, avocados, olives, coconut, spices, ground flaxseed, and unsweetened cocoa. Limited quantities of dairy outside of cheese (1 serving per day), fruit (2 servings per day – berries are preferred), fruit juice, whole corn, non-wheat, no-gluten grains (such as quinoa, amaranth, and rice), beans, peas, lentils, and soy products.

The upsides to the diet is that there are lots of things I can eat that I do like, such as hummus, cheese, vegetables, nuts, and chicken. I can drink unlimited coffee and tea. However, the coffee intake will probably drastically decrease since the best part of it for me is the flavored coffee creamers. I do have lots of ideas on how to make the most out of my chicken – walnut chicken, cheesy chicken, coconut chicken, orange-flavored chicken…

To prepare for the Wheatbelly Diet, I purchased an array of groceries that I thought would make decent meals for my entryway into this new method of eating, which includes:

  • Lots of different olives
  • Eggs (I see lots of egg salad in my future)
  • Fresh spinach leaves
  • Hummus
  • Salsa (black bean and corn)
  • Boneless skinless chicken breast
  • Cashews and walnuts
  • Lots of cheese
  • Cottage cheese
  • Fresh blueberries

Dinner tonight was egg salad (made with olives and jalapenos) served over three cups of spinach leaves. I added the jalapenos for a little extra kick, and it’s pretty good!

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