International Delight One Touch Latte is a Pretty Cool Option for Making Lattes at Home

If you’re a latte lover, then you’ve probably already tried a handful of ways to recreate your favorite drink at home. A popular way that I used to rely on was the Keurig K-Cup 2-step approach that includes a froth packet you add to your cup before adding the hot coffee. The quickest way that I’ve found so far is to use International Delight One Touch Latte.

How to Make a One Touch Latte

First, fill your cup 2/3 with coffee (or 6 ounces, although you’d be fine with 8 ounces too). I’ve been using one teaspoon of Medaglia d’Oro instant espresso coffee. Next, shake the One Touch Latte canister. Then, firmly press on the “spout” to release a firm delivery of latte creamer/foam that penetrates through the coffee, and then starts to foam up the surface of your beverage. You do this for 5 to 7 seconds. There is no need to stir the coffee; it’s ready for you to sip.

The first taste that you’ll probably detect is the slight coldness of the Latte One Touch foam since it came out of the refrigerator. After a couple of sips, you finally get the warm welcome you’ve been waiting for – a hot, creamy, caramel-flavored coffee drink.

The International Delight One Touch Latte canister contains enough product for you to make 7 lattes. Each 6-ounce latte is 120 calories.

There are currently three different One Touch Latte flavors to choose from:

  • Caramel
  • Vanilla
  • Mocha

I’ve tried the Vanilla too and it tastes good, but I really like the flavor of a caramel latte the most.

One gripe about the product…at times, the canister can get clogged to the point where less air is shooting out of the opening…and instead of fully penetrating the coffee’s surface, it kind of collects at the top in a thick, clumpy plop of product. You then have to stir the drink to break it up. Next time, try pressing more firmly to unclog.

Will I buy this again? I already have, 5 times… And, if you join the International Delight e-club, you can download coupons for creamers, like a $1.50 off one for the One Touch Latte.

Share your favorite International Delight products below.

What’s your favorite latte flavor?

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