Made for Kids, but I’m Crazy Over the Somasix Alphabet Letter Set Too

Somasix Refrigerator Magnets - Box and Bag

My family and I have always loved playing with plastic letters on our refrigerator and at my parent’s house (they have a metal fire door in the kitchen). We have several sets of letters on the door at any given time, and I will say that Somasix Refrigerator Magnets has provided us with by far my favorite set.

Comparison of Somasix Refrigerator Magnets to Other Ones

For starters, the colorful set not only comes with a full alphabet in capital letters, but also a full lowercase alphabet…and numbers 0-9. There are 62 pieces in total. I have never had a refrigerator magnet set with lowercase letters before, and I absolutely love it. The size of the letters is also larger than the typical ones I’ve been getting, as you can see from my photo.

Somasix Refrigerator Magnets on Door


Somasix also offers more colors than other sets that I’ve seen. Although the magnetic set is geared towards children aged 3 and up, anyone can have fun with it.

Somasix Refrigerator Magnets - Spelling my Name


The quality of the letters is good with solid plastic construction that holds up nicely. They are perfect for spelling out words with kids or leaving yourself reminders (like I do). I am very pleased with this alphabet set, and would recommend it if you’d like to teach more, do more, and create more words.

Disclosure: I received #SOMASIXALPHABETMAGNETS at a discounted price, in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.


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