My New Favorite Gluten Free Sweet Treat: YummySnack Candy Bars

YummySnack Candy Bars from Great Kids Healthy Snacks Box

YummySnack #Candy Bars from #GreatKidsHealthySnacks Subscription Box #glutenfree

A solid candy bar made with sugar free chocolate is quite difficult to come by, and YummySnack Candy Bars really delivers something unique. Sweetened with erythritol and stevia, this brand of bars is the closest thing I’ve tried out that really tastes like a candy bar. Nearly all of the unsweetened chocolate bars that I’ve had are mostly comprised of dark chocolate and almonds…or just plain chocolate.

Depending on the flavor, YummySnack Bars are made with cocoa, coconut, milled flax seed, almond butter, peanut butter, soy protein crisps, and natural flavors. I’ve always found it interesting how some candy bars and snack bars contain rosemary extract, which is a part of every YummySnack Bar. It’s also an ingredient that is difficult to find in grocery stores because I haven’t been able to track it down yet…but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

List of YummySnacks Candy Bars

Dubbed ‘the next generation of candy bar,’ YummySnack Bars currently come in six different flavors: Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Coconut, Peppermint, Cookie Dough, and Caramel Crunch. My nephew, mother, and I had a chance to try out two of the flavors (Chocolate and Cookie Dough), which came in the Great Kids Healthy Snacks gluten free subscription box. When I saw them in the box, and learned that we had TWO, I was incredibly excited.

YummySnack Bars are low-calorie (in relation to similar options), ranging from 140 to 170 calories.

The highest amount of protein offered in a bar is 9 grams (Cookie Dough). Fiber is another bonus– with the Peppermint flavored bar alone containing 10 grams of fiber – that’s a whopping 40% of your recommended daily value. Other highlights of the bars is that they include Omega-3s, and hold the designation for being a Green Leaf Certified Non-GMO product.

Here’s what we had to say about the taste:

Chocolate YummySnack Bars

  • The first thing I thought of when I tasted the bar was that it had a ‘brownie-like’ flavor. I normally don’t like plain chocolate bars, but this is really good.
  • My mother described the bar as ‘chocolatey and chewy,’ and agreed that the bar had a brownie taste. She also said that she couldn’t tell that it was made using a sugar substitute.
  • My nephew thought the bar was too ‘melty‘ in his hand, but that chocolate flavor was decent.YummySnack Candy Bars

Caramel Crunch YummySnack Bars

  • I was pleasantly surprised with the Caramel Crunch bar. I think that it would definitely satisfy a craving for caramel, and the taste kind of reminds me of a diet Girl Scout Cookie.
  • My mother described the bar as ‘chewy and caramel-y’.
  • My nephew doesn’t like caramel, so it was no surprise that he spit his piece out.

I should have saved some for my brother, who loves bars like this…but…snooze, you lose.

We really want to try out the Peanut Butter, Peppermint, and Cookie Dough flavors next.

What do you think of these ‘candy bars?’

What flavor would you want to try:

Peppermint, Coconut, Chocolate,

Caramel Crunch, Cookie Dough or Peanut Butter?




18 thoughts on “My New Favorite Gluten Free Sweet Treat: YummySnack Candy Bars”

  1. Connie says:

    Fascinating. Never heard about these chocolate candy bars. Thanks for sharing about them. Going to have to try them out sometime soon.

  2. I really like that these are a much healthier alternative to other snacks. Plus they’re gluten free which is miuch kinder to a lot of peoples insides! xxx

  3. Angela Key Milnes says:

    This is so interesting and looks a perfect snack bar, this sounds so yummy I would check this

  4. Misty Dawn Nelson says:

    Looks a yummy snack bar I love chocolates and I bet my son would love this too

  5. Anne Yedlin says:

    I will have to find these! They look good and it’s hard to find a candy that doesn’t have all that sugar in it. I also like the fact that it’s gluten free! Yum

  6. Miranda says:

    Yum! I really want to try more gluten free foods. I’ve been listening to podcasts! On cutting down carbs and substituting them for gluten and other foods.

    Once I’ve done my research. I look forward to preping my meals and knowing there snacks I can opt for

  7. wendy says:

    They sound yummy! I will have to buy some soon! I am a big chocolate fan, so this would be up my alley.

  8. Oh how interesting. It’s a great healthy substitute for your favorite candy. I love how you compared them to classic candy bars.

  9. Azlin Bloor says:

    Brownie-like, chocolatey, chewy – sounds like it ticks all the boxes! Very handy for on the go days!

  10. Emma says:

    I’m glutenfree too and I love it when someone introduces me to a new snack. Thanks for this one, it looks delicious. perfect with a cup of tea in the middle of the afternoon
    Emma recently posted…Oyster Masterclass at Bentley’s Oyster Bar & GrillMy Profile

  11. Karlyn Cruz says:

    i like this too! we have yummysnack at home! its my fav too!

  12. Marcie W. says:

    It’s easy to see why these bars have yummy in the name! They look delicious and I appreciate that I can enjoy one without all of the typical post candy bar guilt.

  13. MaryAnne says:

    So much better than a regular chocolate or candy bar.. just look at the difference in calories! OMG thanks for sharing! 😉

  14. Elizabeth O. says:

    This is definitely better than your usual candy bar. It’s not packed with so much sugar and it’s quite filling as well. I would love to get these for the family!

  15. They look different from candy bars but that could be a good thing. I’d try these for the fiber and to see what they taste like.
    Terri Beavers recently posted…Your Cat Needs These PetSafe® Toys from FroliCatMy Profile

  16. It was absolutely amazing to find a candy bar with less sugar, more fiber, and with a few calories compare to the leading brand.This was truly a Great Kids Healthy Snacks.

  17. Amber Myers says:

    I enjoy chocolate, so I’d give this a try! I’d want to try coconut first!
    Amber Myers recently posted…Hey, It’s OkayMy Profile

  18. Tara Pittman says:

    I love that these candy bars have fiber in them. They look quite tasty

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