Need a Place to Donate Old VCR Tapes or DVDs…and Feel Good About It?

Thank You Card for DVD - VCR Tape Donation

I often donate unwanted belongings to the Rescue Mission Thrift Store. I know that I’m doing something good for another (in addition to recycling gently used items that someone else would appreciate), but it really doesn’t compare to what we did this summer. My father had come into possession of numerous VCR tapes and DVDs of old TV shows, like Dean Martin, the Ed Sullivan Show, Johnny Carson and the Late Night Show, and Laugh-In (which I remember the re-runs playing on Nickelodeon way back when…the show that featured a young Goldie Hawn).

Anyhow, my father wasn’t sure what to do with them because we don’t even know anyone who owns a VCR anymore. I blurted out, ‘why don’t you donate them to nursing home.’ We have a well-known Jewish assisted-living community close by, and he called up their activities director, and she said they’d gladly take them. Immediately, my father and I drove there; I walked the box of VCR tapes and DVDs inside; filled out the paperwork; signed my Dad’s name; and we both felt really good about it.

The next week, an unexpected card came in the mail. I thought it was so incredibly thoughtful that the Activities Director took the time to hand-write such a personalized note.

Thank You Card

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