One of my Favorite Body Wash and Hand Soap Fragrances: Dial’s Marula Oil

Dial’s Marula Oil Body Wash is infused with marula oil which is meant to provide a restorative, moisturizing soap experience in the shower (or bath) that promotes healthy, soft skin. With an intoxicating scent and luxurious feel against the skin, it’s a winner in my book.

You’re probably wondering ‘what is marula oil,’ which is the same exact thing I pondered, so I did a little research to find background information and learn about any benefits the oil may provide.

Marula oil is extracted from the kernels (or nuts) of the Marula tree, and has been traditionally used to make cosmetics, cook food, and treat leather. The natural oil has a nutty aroma, and appears clear, light yellow in color. In South Africa and Mozambique, the oil served as a moisturizing body lotion for women, as well as massage oil for babies. Women would even skip cleansing themselves with water, and went straight for the marula oil.

One of my favorite features of the body wash is its scent, which is kind of hard to explain. If I had to describe it, I’d have to say it has a brown sugar, caramel-y, slightly floral scent. I actually like flipping open the cap and just sniffing it all in.

Secondly, Dial Marula Oil Body Wash feels really good on the skin. A silky layer of oil lightly blankets your skin after applying it in the shower. Just rub your fingers across your skin to feel the difference. It’s a noticeable difference. Once you dry off after bathing, the softness remains…and so does the scent.

As far as skin care goes, I was thoroughly pleased with the results that Dial Marula Oil Body Wash brings. This scent also comes as a hand soap and bar soap – both of which I have also purchased. Within this line of what was first marketed as “Miracle Oil” products, you can also try out the following options, which comes with their own set of skin care benefits:

  • Coconut Oil
  • Lavender Oil

Are you a fan of Dial soaps?

What’s your favorite scent?

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