One of my New Favorite Things: Smarson Eye Protection LED Desktop Lamp

Smarson Eye Protection LED Desktop Lamp

Before I received the Smarson Eye Protection LED Desktop Lamp, I didn’t fully recognize all of its capabilities. I thought I’d just get an adjustable light with a few different settings. However, with each setting (Study, Reading, Relax and Sleeping), there are various color temperatures changes that take place, and five levels of brightness for each setting…and you can really detect the level changes. I love the ‘Study’ mode for when I am researching and typing for a long time. My second favorite setting is the softness of the ‘Relax’ mode.

Smarson LED Lamp Has 4 Different Light Options

When switching from one setting to the other, there is a lit-up, touch-pad, control panel situated at the base of the lamp. I really love this feature. The lamp also comes with an energy-saving feature, where you can set a 1-hour auto timer.

The Smarson USB Light Touchpad

There are multiple ways to adjust the angle of the lamp. You can swivel the base of the lamp 180 degrees with a light head that moves up and down 90 degrees. It is very convenient to be able to adjust the angle of the LED light.

Overall, the lamp provides a space-saving design.

Smarson USB Light Lamp Angles

The lamp also has a USB port where you can conveniently charge your devices. I was able to charge my cell phone and digital camera in the port, but not my Amazon Kindle.

I also like to use the lamp as an adjustable light source for taking photographs at my desk. It works wonders in enhancing the quality and detail of photos. It’s very convenient!

Smarson Desktop Lamp Light

Overall, I’ve reviewed a lot of products sold on Amazon and this is one of my absolute favorites because it is multi-functional, convenient, works well, doesn’t take up a massive amount of space, improves visibility for my workspace, and will protect my eyes. I’ve been working in poor lighting conditions for a while now, and it wasn’t until I started using this light source that I really acknowledged just how bad the issue had become.

Disclosure: I was able to purchase this product at a discounted price, in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.

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