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Posted on Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

In a perfect world, everything you wish to take on a trip would fit nice and neat in your carry-on, suitcase or travel duffle bag. However, when traveling, I’ve never successfully arranged my outfits into neatly folded, ironed layers – I’m always stuffing shirts into tight places and configuring shoes in-between pants and other articles of clothing. The travel-friendly samples of the oneCARE Company are perfect for weekend getaways or longer adventures.

I had the pleasure of sampling four of their travel products. Each has their own review:

Bounce Lint Roller find out what makes this lint roller different from all the others

Downy Wrinkle Releaser remove wrinkles with a freshly scented spray

Dryel on-the-go Instant Stain Remover an instant stain remover that really works

Tide Travel Laundry Bag – separates dirty clothes and smells from clean clothes

Disclosure: I received a product sample from the oneCARE Company to review. I was not compensated for this post and my opinions are 100% my own.



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