The Size of Neutrogena Rapid Dark Circle Repair

I Really Like Neutrogena Rapid Dark Circle Repair

Incorporating an anti-aging skin care regimen into your daily beauty routine is highly recommended. Since I tend to go light on the cosmetics, the thought of using products like Neutrogena Rapid Dark Circle Repair eye cream hasn’t really interested me until I started reading that it’s never too early to…


Can I Have Coffee Creamer on the Wheat Belly Diet?

Flavored coffee creamers from brands like International Delights and Coffeemate contain sugar, and the sugar free versions contain corn syrup and other no-nos that you cannot have on the Wheat Belly diet. You’ll need to get used to adding cream and half & half to your cups of coffee…full-fat or…


The Selection of Movies on Redbox Instant by Verizon

As an avid Netflix user (and I mean AVID), I was drooling at the thought of Redbox Instant Streaming. I envisioned a plethora of movies (that I have never seen before) and thoroughly planned on being a Redbox subscriber before I even got a chance at the trial run. I…


Uncle Matt’s Pure Organic Orange Juice

The best orange juice that I have ever tasted is Uncle Matt’s Pure Organic Orange Juice, which normally sells for around $7.49 at the local health food store, but was on sale for $1.89 earlier last month. How could I resist the price? Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever tasted…


Husky T-Shirt for Dog Lovers

Ordered from LOL Shirts – LOVE it!


Wheat Belly Foods – Ranch Dressing

Since I like creamy salad dressings, I am glad that the Wheat Belly Diet Cookbook includes a recipe for Ranch Dressing. Thankfully, I have all of the ingredients so that I can enjoy a salad for lunch today. You can store the dressing in the refrigerator for up to one…


My Version of Hot Cocoa for a Wheat-free (Wheat Belly) Diet

When you’re eating wheat-free or on the Wheat Belly Diet, you’re going to have to experiment with different recipes to find out what tastes good to you. I love hot chocolate with flavored creamer, and needed to find a substitute. After several different tweaks, I’ve found a combination that definitely…


Covergirl BlastFlipsticks

I’m a habitual lipstick blender…meaning I have yet to find the ‘right’ shade in more than 10 years. I have to constantly use a lighter shimmery shade underneath and top with a slightly darker color. It’s a pain having to dig out two lip products when I need a touch-up….


I’m Trying…a Wheat-free Diet (or the Wheat Belly Diet)

Most people face a higher chance of sticking to a diet plan when they have a diet-buddy. After a great deal (and I mean a great deal) of hemming and hawing, I agreed to follow the Wheat Belly Diet (eating wheat-free) for a minimum of one month with my brother….