The Creativity and Entertainment Value of Super Bowl Commercials in 2017 was…

2017 Super Bowl Commercials

Overall, I thought the majority of commercials for Super Bowl LI were very disappointing. As we waited breathlessly for an entertaining, humorous Doritos commercial to unfold that never came; I’ve come to the conclusion that consumers were left generally unimpressed and sorely disappointed. I think the seriousness of the current political climate in the U.S. attributed to a lot of reluctance on the part of companies to make light of it…or anything at all. There were a lot of attempts to uplift the nation and send out a positive message. The political undertones definitely seemed amplified. The Super Bowl is a unique opportunity to make a statement, but perhaps, what we all needed was just a little more laughter, cleverness, and creativity this time around.

Here are the Super Bowl commercials that I liked the best:

T-Mobile’s ‘Punishment’ Wireless Pain Ad

T-Mobile had two ads which featured Kristen Schaal as a mobile phone customer turned on by punishment in the form of overages, taxes and fees. The first T-Mobile ad I saw was an ode to 50 Shades of Grey (or the movie Secretary with Maggie Gyllenhaal).

The second ad showed a customer service representative in a somewhat compromising position. In both commercials, Schaal’s voice and comedic timing was spot on.

Mr. Clean’s ‘Everybody Loves a Man that Cleans’ Ad

Although some felt that a dancing, booty-swishing Mr. Clean was too much, but I thought the commercial was incredibly entertaining and funny to watch…especially the ending. I laughed out loud, and even more so, because of the way my man cleans house.

Honda Inspirational Yearbooks Ad

The heart-warming ad with talking yearbook photos depicting Tina Fey, Robert Redford, Missy Elliott, Viola Davis, Jimmy Kimmel, Amy Adams, Magic Johnson, Stan Lee, and Steve Carrell is something that I can watch more than once.

Kia Niro ‘Eco-Warrior’ Ad with Melissa McCarthy

I thought the message and comedic gold that McCarthy struck with this Super Bowl commercial was solid. I loved her facial expressions and the overall theme…it felt like I was watching a mini-movie. Highly entertaining.

Other thoughts…

  • The Skittles ‘Katie’ commercial was clever at first, but once it started to incorporate random non-family members (like a groundhog)…it lost me.
  • I craved a commercial with a dog in it, but the Spuds McKensie ghost was creepy, weird, and missed the mark, in my opinion.
  • Where was Doritos and Snickers with their make-us-laugh ads?

What Super Bowl commercials did you like the best?


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