The Great Kids Healthy Snacks Subscription Box Has Options for the Whole Family

Great Kids Healthy Snacks Subscription Box - All Gluten Free

Opening a Great Kids Healthy Snacks subscription box is like having a healthy present delivered to you every month – one that surprises you every time. With 30 snacks inside, you not only find tons of options for kids, but also for the entire family. I learned that with a monthly subscription, you will get a variety of flavors from the same brand (which I love), a few repeats from the previous box, and still have a chance to sample brands that you’ve never heard of (or always wanted to try). As with my first box, I’ve fallen in love with a brand and products that I will soon purchase in bulk online…and with this month’s box review; I’ve invited my mother and brother to share their opinions.

#GreatKidsHealthySnacks #GlutenFree Subscription Box with jerky, Surf Sweets, granola and more

I presented my mother and nephew with the Great Kids Healthy Snacks box, and asked them each to choose just five items that absolutely caught their eye first. We didn’t share our picks until the very end, and then we tested out most of our picks.

Great Kids Healthy Snacks - What a 12 Year Old Likes

My 12-year-old nephew sifted through the box, read a few packages, and definitely paused at some of the packaging when making his choices. His top-five picks were Surf Sweets Sour Berry Bears, Boulder Berry Go-Go Squeeze, Lemon Pepper Fusion Jerky, Garlic Jalapeno Fusion Jerky, and Donald Duck Fruit Crisps.

Surf Sweets Sour Berry Bears

Surf Sweets Sour Berry Bears

Highlights: Organic Sweeteners; 100% RDV of Vitamin C; Vegan; No Artificial Colors/Flavors

I knew my nephew would pick the bag of Surf Sweets Sour Berry Bears as one of his options. He loves gummy snacks…and sour candy. The little bears are lightly coated in organic cane sugar; and come in three different flavors: Black Raspberry, Sour Cherry, and Strawberry. My nephew says that Black Raspberry was his favorite. He gobbled them up. Another thing I’d like to point out is that you can also feel good about eating Surf Sweets products – the company donates at least 1% of sales from their products to a number of environmental organizations.

Surf Sweets Sour Berry Bears Review

My mother said that she could have easily picked out more than five items, but ended up with the following: Modern Oats Coconut Almond premium oatmeal, Pamela’s Oat Up 2 Chocolates + Almonds organic bar, two bags of Disney Fruit Crisps (strawberry/banana and pears), and the Chocolate YummySnack Bar.

Great Kids Healthy Snacks Box - A Grandmas Pick

The box was a hit, and attracted the whole family. For instance, my brother immediately snagged the Carnival Kettle Popcorners and Peeled Snacks Garden Herb Peas Please (which contains the only vegetable my brother really likes to eat…peas.) Over the course of a few days, the box has dwindled down to only a handful of items – ideal for quick pick-me-ups. Even our Chihuahua mix, Rosey, wanted ‘in’ on the Great Kids Healthy Snacks Box – especially when she sniffed out the Vermont Smoke & Cure meat sticks.

Rosey the Chihuahua is a Fan of Healthy Snacks

Vermont Smoke & Cure Sticks from Great Kids Healthy Snacks Box

We were fans of the Vermont Smoke & Cure meat sticks (Cracked Pepper & BBQ), and so was Rosey.

Rosey and Vermont Meat Sticks

Snack Brands I Was Introduced to…

The Great Kids Healthy Snacks Box contained a handful of brands and products that I was not familiar with, which includes Pamela’s Oat Up organic bars, YummySnack Bars, Disney Fruit Crisps, the Sneaky Chef, Crunchmaster multi-seed crackers, and artisan Fusion Jerky.

Five Snacks in the Great Kids Healthy Snacks Box that Caught My Eye

Here’s a rundown of the snacks that I tried out first with my family:

YummySnack Candy Bars from Great Kids Healthy Snacks Box

1. YummySnack Candy Bars

Highlights: Low-Calorie; Omega-3s; Certified Non-GMO; High Fiber; Sugar-Free

A Gluten-Free Brand I Will Definitely Purchase Soon

A candy bar made with sugar free chocolate is quite difficult to come by, and YummySnack Candy Bars really delivers a tasty treat. Sweetened with erythritol and stevia, this is the closest thing I’ve tried out that really tastes like a candy bar. Nearly all of the chocolate bars that I’ve had are mostly comprised of unsweetened dark chocolate and almonds. I loved the candy bars so much that I’ve devoted a post to them. The Great Kids Healthy Snacks Box contained two out of six of YummyHealth’s candy bars.

To see a full review of the bars, click here.

2. Fusion Jerky

Highlights: All-Natural; Made in USA; Good Source of Protein; No Preservatives

My nephew and I sampled the two packets of artisan Fusion Jerky – items that caught both of our attention.

A ½-ounce serving is only 40 calories, and provides 5-6 grams of protein.

Fusion Jerky Garlic Jalapeno Pork Jerky from Great Kids Healthy Snacks Subscription Box

  • The Garlic Jalapeno pork jerky smelled really good, and could feel the spiciness of the pepper in the back of my throat. My nephew enjoyed it, but thought it could have been hotter.
  • The Lemon Pepper chicken jerky had lots of pepper on it, but we didn’t really detect the ‘lemon’ part of the jerky. This was my first time trying chicken jerky, and by the look and taste of it – it will be Fusion Jerky in the future.

Fusion Jerky Lemon Pepper Chicken Jerky from Great Kids Healthy Snacks Subscription Box

One thing that really stood out to me with both samples of jerky is that they seemed ‘softer,’ and not as tough and stringy as other options.

Bakery on Main Gluten Free Granola from Great Kids Healthy Snacks Box

3. Bakery on Main Gluten Free Granola – Nutty Cranberry Maple

Highlights: Marked Gluten- and Wheat Free; Non-GMO Verified; Low in Saturated Fat

I’ve found that a lot of products that identify as gluten-free do not indicate that they are wheat-free, so when I see a product do so…I appreciate it. One 1/3 cup serving is only 140 calories. Just some of the ingredients in the gluten-free granola include dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, whole almonds, sesame seeds, flax seed, and pecans. Sweetened with evaporated cane juice, the granola has a sweet maple syrup-like scent. My mother enjoys trail mixes and snacks like this, and said she likes this. I enjoyed the nuttiness and taste of the granola, but I found the texture of the overall concoction harder than expected.

Gluten Free Pamelas Oat Up Organic Bar from Great Kids Healthy Snacks Box

4. Pamela’s Oat Up Organic Bars

Highlights: Certified Organic; Non-GMO Verified; Good Source of Fiber

There were two Pamela’s Oat Up bars in the box. My mother and I both gravitated towards these bars. Made with organic chocolate chunks and organic white chocolate chips, Pamela’s 2 Chocolates + Almonds Oat Up bar is also made with organic almond butter and organic coconut. Pamela’s Cinnamon Oatmeal Oat Up bar contains organic walnuts and organic coconut. We didn’t try out these bars yet, but I will report later – I have saved these for an upcoming road trip.

Disney Fruit Crisps from Great Kids Healthy Snacks Box

5. Disney Fruit Crisps

Highlights: High in Vitamin C; Non-GMO; Vegan; No Preservatives; 100% Fruit; No Added Sugar

There were two Disney-themed freeze-dried fruit snacks in the box: Goofy (strawberries and bananas) and Donald Duck (pears). In the one package of Goofy Fruit Crisps, you get approximately 1 banana and 4 strawberries. When I opened the pouch, a strong strawberry-banana scent escaped (smells tasty). The snack offers a lot of crunch and something healthy to munch on. We even let Rosey, our Chihuahua mix, sample the freeze-dried bananas. The Donald Duck Fruit Crisps have this almost melt-in-your-mouth, light-as-air effect. I liked them a lot.

The Sneaky Chef No Nut Butter from Great Kids Healthy Snacks Gluten Free Subscription Box

Honorable Oddball Mention: the Sneaky Chef Creamy No-Nut Butter

The reason why I think this Great Kids Healthy Snacks item is unique is because it is made from golden peas (non-GMO ones to be more specific). The consistency mimics traditional nut butters, but it does have a slightly off-putting oily scent. Despite this, I was pleasantly surprised by the taste. To me, it tasted like some odd, diet cookie butter – I can detect this hint of sweetness. However, my brother and mother could not get over the oiliness of the pea butter, and did not like it. I tried it on a Snididdy Sea Salt Popcorn Crisp, and I think it was pretty tasty.

This month, there was also a OneBar sticker that my nephew enjoyed adding to his collection; an information sheet for YummySnack Bars, and a discount code to take 20% off an order of Vermont Smoke & Cure products.

Discounts and Stickers in Great Kids Healthy Snacks Box

Disclosure: I received a discount to purchase a Great Kids Healthy Snacks subscription box, in exchange for sharing my opinions, which are 100% my own!

Great Kids Healthy Kids Healthy Snacks

What products above sound like something you’d like to try?







51 thoughts on “The Great Kids Healthy Snacks Subscription Box Has Options for the Whole Family”

  1. Michelle Waller says:

    My kids would love a box like this! It really has options for everyone!

  2. Sheri says:

    This box is filled with lots of great goodies! I wonder why we dont have subscription boxes like this here. Would love to have one of these.

  3. HilLesha says:

    I love Surf Sweets, but I haven’t had a chance to try out their sour gummy bears yet. I’ll definitely have to be on the lookout for these!

  4. Raquel Harbin says:

    This box really is filled with great snacks for the whole family. Your brother has good taste, I would have chosen those too!

  5. Rachel says:

    This sounds like a cool subscription box. I can’t beleive how many of them are out there now. Seems like there is one for everything now.

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    What a great box! I am always on the hunt for healthier snacks for my kids, so this would be really helpful!

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    This subscription sounds so great! I love how many foods and treats they have, I want to try this out!

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    It is official there is a subscription box for everything. That is such a great idea to have one for snacks I didn’t even think that was something that was available.

  11. Heidi says:

    I love subscription boxes because it is like Christmas when they come in. I had never heard about the kids subscription boxes, so I will have to check them out for my nieces.

  12. Charlotte says:

    This is such a fantastic idea! We are big snackers and have quite busy lifestyles so I am always looking for healthy alternatives! This could be just the thing!
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  13. Thanks for your take on the Great Kids Healthy Snacks subscription box! Finding healthy snacks is always a challenge, not just for my kid, but for me too! Will definitely look into this!

  14. Di Hickman says:

    Wow that’s a lot of items in one box! Looks like you could snack for a month and have something different everyday! I admit I’m a sucker for oats so anything oats is good with me!
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  16. That’s a lot of tasty goodies your very lucky to have it. We’ve tried some of the products and we all like it. Btw your dog is so cute she probably thinking what about her any treats for me?!

  17. Robin Rue says:

    This subscription box looks amazing! There really is something for everyone here.

  18. Crystal Lopez says:

    I love this idea! With my house full of boys you can bet we go through a lot of snacks and sometimes I wonder if their snacks are right health wise. Love these options and the snacks included!

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    This looks like an awesome subscription service. I love to try out new snacks and try to get my daughter to eat healthy foods!
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  20. Kalee says:

    It’s so great that it includes 30 snacks!! I have done a couple other subscription services, but they usually only included a couple of products. So if you didn’t like one, it felt like a waste. The snacks themselves look great too; I could eat the sour bears right now!

  21. Heather says:

    Oh my goodness! All those snacks look delightful! And now I am hungry…my kids are huge snackers, and finding healthy options can sometimes be a challenge, what a great idea to get a subscription box!
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    This looks like a delightful collection of healthy snacks! Definitely my cup of tea 😀

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    Oh I wish we had these in the UK! It’s all bout beauty boxes here still and there’s not many snack/food boxes around yet. I hope they are coming our way tho because this one looks ace! x

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    It looks like the box came with a good amount of snacks and I love that all of them are healthy for kids!

  25. Cindy Gordon says:

    Wow, that subscription box looks like it is full of some pretty tasty and amazing things! I see some of the things I’ve tried before and some new ones to try. I love the idea of getting a new box each month!

  26. Jalisa Harris says:

    Such a great variety. I love how they have a subscription box for almost anything. A great way to try a ton of things at a great price.

  27. What a wide variety of items. I love subscription boxes because it gives me a chance to try new products. This one would be great for trying new items for lunchboxes and snacks for the kids. I love those Fruit Crisps. They are really good!
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  28. Subscription boxes are so much fun, and I LOVE this one! My daughter has food allergies, and most of all these products in this box, we buy!

  29. lisa says:

    My kids would be all over this! It would make a great surprise for after school snack time too, but then dad might be mad that he missed all the yumminess while at work.

  30. Tiffany says:

    Wow this is such an awesome box. I love introducing my kids to new snacks especially when they’re healthy!

  31. Amanda Love says:

    These are great! I love that these are all healthy, it’s definitely perfect for the kids especially since they will be snacking on healthier chips and candies instead of the usual fair.

  32. This is a great way to start trying these types of snacks. Great subscription box idea. Your dog is so ready for some snacks haha

  33. These are some good looking snacks, coming from someone who has been sugar free for two weeks! I’ll have to look into them some more. Thanks for the review.

    1. Yona Williams says:

      I’ve been sugar free for nearly 3 months now. It’s hard to find snacks that are both gluten-free and sugar-free. That’s why the YummySnack Bars were so appealing to me. It hard to find chocolate candy with a good sugar substitute.

  34. Amber Nelson says:

    This looks like a great box for the whole family. I would love to try this for at least a few months.

  35. Theresa says:

    This looks like an awesome way to feed my always-hungry kids! They would love for me to order this.

  36. I love subscription boxes! And this looks like a really great one. Some of those snacks look super yummy! I have to try it.

  37. Rosey is so cute bless her! I am really loving the sound of the oat up bars and it is great that it is a subscription box for all the family, even pets!

  38. Emma says:

    I’m always on the lookout for healthy snacks as I refuse to feed my kids junk. A snack box like this is a really great way to discover new products!

  39. Angela Key Milnes says:

    What a great selection of Snacks! I bet my two boys would love this too, I wish we can have something like this

  40. Natalie says:

    Snacks are always my fave to eat! This is a really great subscription box, so many options to choose from!

  41. CourtneyLynne says:

    Ooooo now this is my kind of subscription box!!! So many yummy snacks. I so need this box

  42. I love subscription boxes. Having a healthier option is even better. I’ve only tried Love With Food one because they offered gluten free boxes.

  43. Sage says:

    I’m always jealous seeing the contents of these subscription boxes! They haven’t come to Denmark yet and I wish they would because they seem like a great way to discover new products that I might not otherwise buy.
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    Im actually looking into a new subscription box to try! I think my kids would love this and I would be so happy if they would eat just a little bit healthier!

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    What a great assortment of snacks that are healthy! And you’re right – they’re perfect for anyone in the family!

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    It’s a nice subscription box that promotes healthy snacking. I love trying out and discovering new snacks that the kids and I can munch on without feeling bad about ourselves. I think this is really worth it!

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    OH wow, what a super subscription box! My kids would LOVE something like this!
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  50. Ivette L says:

    Oh I’m so in love with those fruit crisps I’m addicted to them. I ordered them through Amazon and can eat 2-3 bags in one sitting… I gotta check out the other snacks too!

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