There’s Just Something Missing from Celestial Lattes – The Godfather

Celestial Lattes - The Godfather is Chai Tea Espresso and Cocoa

Celestial Lattes is a line of tea concentrates where you just add milk (or a similar alternative) to create a hot or cold beverage. The Godfather flavor is described as ‘authentic masala chai with bold espresso and rich cocoa,’ which is why I picked it up at the grocery store in the first place. With excitement brewing, I finally got around to testing it out after having it in my cupboard for a couple of months.

Unfortunately, to me, it tastes like something is missing from The Godfather in the taste department that I can’t quite put my finger on. The consistency of my beverage was slightly watery, and I don’t know if that’s because I chose to use 1% milk to make my latte. Cocoa is definitely a prominent flavor in this blend, and maybe there are one too many flavors ultimately competing for my attention, but I really don’t like this product.

Celestial Latte - the Godfather in Cup

To make a Celestial Latte, you will combine equal parts of the concentrate with milk (or another dairy substitute). One serving of the concentrate is ½ cup. You can heat the beverage to enjoy a hot drink, or pour over ice for a summertime cool-down.

I think I may have chosen the wrong Celestial Latte concentrate to explore. The line also includes:

  • Dirty Chai (chai tea + espresso)
  • Mountain Chai (black tea + spices)
  • Matcha Green (green tea + matcha)

Mountain Chai probably would have been my best bet, while Matcha Green sounds incredibly interesting, but both were not available at the Walmart I was at. In the end, I’m not even interested in finishing this carton, and wasting anything breaks my heart, but I just don’t like the taste.

By the Numbers

The concentrate itself is 60 calories per serving, mostly because of the cane sugar and honey that it contains. Other than that, there is no fat and barely any sodium in the concentrate. If you make it with a ½ cup of 2% milk, then the total number of calories for one drink rises to 120. Either way you look at it, Celestial Lattes are a lower-calorie coffee beverage.

Have you tried any of the Celestial Lattes? Share.


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