Uncle Matt’s Pure Organic Orange Juice

unclemattsorangejuiceThe best orange juice that I have ever tasted is Uncle Matt’s Pure Organic Orange Juice, which normally sells for around $7.49 at the local health food store, but was on sale for $1.89 earlier last month. How could I resist the price? Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever tasted orange juice that wasn’t made from concentrate, and yes, there is a huge difference. Orange juice not made from concentrate has a completely different taste, appearance and smoothness.

The Taste

The consistency of the orange juice is not watery or thick…it’s just smooth. And…the taste is beyond the usual cup of orange juice – it is borderline hitting dessert-level satisfaction.

Uncle Matt’s Pure Organic Orange Juice is made using USA grown organic Hamlin and Valencia oranges. The only ingredients listed are organic orange juice, tricalcium citrate, and vitamin D3. Overall, I was definitely taken aback by just how good the orange juice tasted. I can see why the price tag is high, and maybe in the summertime, I wouldn’t mind saving my pennies to indulge in this product again.

The juice is produced by a company in Florida called Uncle Matt’s Organic Inc., which dates back to 1999. You can choose from pulp-free, pulp, or added calcium/vitamin D (like I did). The juice is gluten free and USDA-certified organic.

Uncle Matt’s is also a company with eco-initiatives. Their bottles are PET #1 – not 3, 6, or 7. The good thing about PET #1 is that it is the most recyclable form of plastic, and is considered the safest for food and juices. This means that your orange juice does not contain the dreaded, dangerous chemical called Bisphenol A (BPA).

By the Numbers

1 serving
(8 ounces)

110 calories
2 grams of protein
22 grams of sugar

Potassium – 450 mg – 13% (RDV – Recommended Daily Value)
Vitamin C – 120% RDV
Vitamin D – 25% RDV
Calcium – 35% RDV
Folate – 15% RDV


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