Using Liquid Pearl Paints to Create Shimmer and Shine Artist Trading Cards

Pink Liquid Pearls Paint

Last month, I participated in an Artist Trading Card Pick-a-theme (PAT) event with a twist – every card had to shimmer or shine. You had to use materials that catch the light in some way, and I joined the group for subtle shimmer, which gave me the perfect excuse to purchase new art supplies, explore a new technique, and give pearlescent paints a try – something I’ve wanted to try out ever since I’ve seen a few DIY greeting card ideas on Pinterest.

Liquid Pearls Paint gives off a pearlescent effect, which you can use to decorate paper and fabric. You can use the paints three-dimensionally (simply squeezing it out in dots or spreading out), or dilute with water and brush on (like a shimmery glaze).

Depending on how you use the paint, drying times vary – sometimes up to at least 2 to 3 hours. For what I’m doing, the dry time was minimal…thicker applications took no more than 20 minutes to dry on watercolor paper.

The Cards I Made

July PAT - Shimmer & Shine - Dragon for Skullcake

Skullcake Requested: Dragon

Materials Used: Liquid Pearls Paint, Watercolor Pencils, Sharpie Pen, white Gelly Roll Pen

This is the first dragon that I’ve drawn and painted. I found adding detail to the horns to be the most challenging for this theme, but I’m really pleased with how it turned out. I used Liquid Pearls Paint to make the neck and eyelid of the dragon shine.

July PAT - Shimmer & Shine - Little Red Riding Hood for Mesektet

Mesektet Requested: a Fairy Tale theme

I’ve been in a Little Red Riding Hood mood lately, and chose her to represent a fairy tale theme for this card. It is the background of this card that shines and shimmers. Doing cards like this really get me in the mood to write and illustrate a children’s book.

Materials Used: Liquid Pearls Paint, Watercolor Pencils, Sharpie Pen, white Gelly Roll Pen

July PAT - Shimmer & Shine - Woodland Nymph for kentuckydakota

Kentuckydakota Requested: Elemental Fantasy

Elemental fantasy involves creatures that are composed of one of the four classical elementals: air, earth, fire, or water. So, I made a Woodland Nymph because earth was the first element that came to mind when I thought of this theme. For this card, I let the 3-D-ness of the green Liquid Pearls Paint add texture to the card. The nymph’s body is dotted with metallic silver.

Materials Used: Liquid Pearls Paint, Watercolor Pencils, Sharpie Pen, metallic silver Gel Pen

I bought the three-pack of Liquid Pearl Paints shown below at Michael’s Arts & Crafts. It cost about $6.99.

Liquid Pearls Pearlescent Paint


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