Wise Feta Cheese Chips are Hard to Swallow in the Taste Department

Wise Kettle Feta Cheese Chips

Lesson learned…just because you love feta cheese on pizza does not mean that it will make a delicious chip flavor. I’ve had an opened bag of Wise Feta Cheese kettle chips that has been around the house for more than three weeks, and that is unheard of. The bag will probably remain in our snack basket until I throw it out because my attempt to have my sweetie eat them is not working. Hot sauce and sour cream dip doesn’t even help these chips. I’ve never met a chip that I couldn’t ‘work’ with, but here you have it, a flavor fail in all its glory.

The chips have a hint of feta cheese flavor, but pair that with a heavy-greasy potato flavor…it’s an almost nauseating experience. Feta Cheese belongs to the company’s 40% reduced-fat chips, but I don’t think that has anything to do with it. I’ve had their Salt & Vinegar reduced-fat chips, and enjoy the flavor, but this…(sigh).

Every once in a while, I try to pop a Feta Cheese chip in my mouth (because I hate wasting food) and instantly wince. I just can’t do it.

Share your thoughts if you’ve tried these chips.


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