Wonder + Well Water is a Naturally Flavored, Certified Organic Beverage

Wonderwell Organic Flavored Purified Water

Drinking water not only quenches your thirst and busts dehydration on a hot day or after a workout, but it also has many health benefits for the body and mind. Despite all of the positive results, some people (and especially kids) just can’t seem to get enough cups of agua in a day.

If you need a little boost in reaching 8 glasses or so daily, flavored water is a tasty option.

There are two different kinds of flavored water to consider:

  • water enhanced by sugary or artificial flavors
  • water with natural flavors (….which brings me to Wonder + Well)

What is Wonder + Well Water?

Wonder + Well Water is a naturally flavored beverage packaged in a juice box.

I received two ‘boxed’ waters in the Great Kids Healthy Snacks subscription box: Watermelon and Peach.

A 6.75-ounce serving is 0 calories and contains the following ingredients:

  • purified water
  • organic flavors
  • organic natural flavors (certified organic by CCOF)

How Does Wonder + Well Water Taste?

The taste of Wonder + Well water is kind of hard to explain.

Initially, I was met with a wave of refreshing fruitiness. But then, there was a slight aftertaste I can’t quite put my finger on.

If you sip quickly or guzzle the water, this aftertaste is not as detectable, but with a slow sip, it’s inescapable.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’d be curious to see if I was the only one who feels this way.

Packaged in the U.S.A., Wonder +Well water is best served chilled, and you’re supposed to refrigerate it after opening because it is a pasteurized product. Another thing I like about the water is that it is portable. In the summertime, I would pop one in the freezer, and then pull it out to store in my backpack when I’m ready for a bike ride.

What do you think of Wonder+Well water?


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