Wrapables Decorative Patterns Masking Sticker Set is Really Cute for Small Projects

Wrapables Masking Sticker Set

If you enjoy scrapbooking projects, making one-of-a-kind greeting cards, or creating your own small pieces of paper art, then the Wrapables Decorative Patterns Masking Sticker Set definitely makes a nice addition to your craft supplies.

With 27 sheets per pack measuring 2.5″ x 4″ each, you get an array of colorful designs, including hearts, polka dots, lines, and stripes. Every sheet comes with 7.5 mm thin strips, 15 mm thicker strips, and 13 mm circles (or dots) featuring the primary design.

I like the variety; for me, it makes this set really versatile. In regards to art projects that I do, the size of the sticker stripes are especially perfect for the 2 ½ x 3 ½-inch artist trading cards that I do. You can also use the stickers for decorative purposes with planners and calendars.

Wrapables Sticker Set Comes in Different Patterns and Colors

The sticker set comes packaged in a small envelope that you can seal with a bit of twine. Small and compact, the set fits away nicely without taking up much space.

Disclosure: I was able to purchase this product at a discount, in exchange for sharing my opinion.




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