Yes, Please! Pass Me Another Container of Noosa Orange & Ginger Yoghurt

Noosa Orange & Ginger Yogurt

Noosa is a company that produces a creative range of yogurts (in Aussie, yoghurts) made with farm-fresh whole milk, GMO-free ingredients, and purée made with real fruit. The yogurt also offers the healthy benefits of probiotics and live active cultures. In the end, you get an incredibly flavorful, thicker, more substantial yogurt that tastes good, fills you up, as well as promotes a healthier digestive tract and stronger immune system.

Made with all natural ingredients and in small batches, Noosa yoghurt is a made-in-the-USA product. The primary ingredients of Noosa Orange & Ginger yogurt are Grade A pasteurized whole milk, and fruit puree consisting of orange pulp, orange juice concentrate, diced ginger and lemon juice concentrate, amongst a few other things.

Message Under the Lid of Noosa Yogurt

I think the flavors of orange and ginger are delicious together, and provide a breath of fresh air in the yogurt flavor department. Noosa aims to create yogurts that are tart and sweet at the same time. I think the tartness is balanced by the sweetness of the fruit puree, which is primarily found at the bottom of the container. I would definitely characterize this yogurt as a ‘premium’ product.

Fruit on the Bottom of Noosa Yogurt

I rarely eat whole milk yogurt products. For starters, the fat content and calorie count are too much for me to handle. But, with Noosa Orange & Ginger yogurt, I have no problem eating this for lunch as a standalone meal. It’s that satisfying and filling. One 8-ounce container of Noosa provides a meal in itself that works well in office settings and for on-the-go consumption. The yogurts are also available in smaller 4-ounce servings with room to add toppings.

To enhance the scrumptiousness of Noosa yogurt, some people add fresh fruit, nuts, granola, and other toppings to the containers.

What Does Noosa Orange & Ginger Yogurt Look Like

By the Numbers

One 8-ounce serving is 270 calories, and offers the following:

  • 12 grams of protein
  • Vitamin C – 15% (recommended daily value – RDV)
  • Calcium – 40% RDV

Other flavors currently available in the Noosa line of yogurt include Pear & Cardamom, Strawberry & Hibiscus, Cherry Vanilla, Blood Orange, Strawberry Rhubarb, Honey, Mexican Chocolate, Passion Fruit, and Apple. They also have a ‘Sweet Heat’ lineup that includes Raspberry Habanero, Mango Sweet Chili, Blackberry Serrano, and Pineapple Jalapeno.

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Noosa Yogurt - Orange and Ginger


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