You Have Got to Try Chef Bombay Mini Butter Chicken Naanpanadas

Chef Bombay Mini Butter Chicken Naanpanadas

I love empanadas, and I love naan…so when I saw Chef Bombay Mini Butter Chicken Naanpanadas in the frozen food section at Walmart…in the shopping cart they went. In case you’re wondering what an empanada is, or naan…let me explain.

Empanadas are bread- or pastry dough stuffed with meat, cheese and other ingredients that are then fried or baked. You can also make fruit-filled empanadas (delicious). The cuisine is associated with Spanish and Latin American culture. The first time I ever had an empanada was during my days living in La Casa at Colgate University. My roommates made them, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Naan is a flatbread often served alongside Southeast and Central Asian cuisine. I’d say that it’s India’s version of pita bread. The bread is a staple whenever I eat at an Indian restaurant. It’s mostly served heated, and works well with stew-like meals or saucy meat dishes, like Chicken Tikka Masala. Garlic naan is my favorite because it is incredibly flavorful.

Also, I think I should mention that butter chicken does not involve pounds of butter in its recipe, but is instead made by marinating chicken in a cream and spice mixture for several hours before it is grilled, roasted or pan fried. The chicken is then served in a mildly spiced curry sauce that contains butter as an ingredient.

The Inside of Chef Bombay Mini Butter Chicken Naanpanadas

Chef Bombay’s Mini Butter Chicken Naanpanadas are flavorful, spicy and incredibly tasty. The appetizer-sized pieces also attracted the attention of my nephew, who requested a few. He instantly became a fan, and later asked for more (and of course, there weren’t any left). So, I’d say that this is a kid-friendly meal option, if you’re looking for something fun and different to eat for dinner.

Chef Bombay Mini Butter Chicken Naanpanadas is a Frozen Food

One box of naanpanadas contains 12 pieces, which you cook for only 15 minutes.

They retailed around $3.99 per box at Walmart.

Bake Chef Bombay Mini Butter Chicken Naanpanadas

The Mini Butter Chicken Naanpanadas would make delightful appetizers for a party or other gathering. I could not detect that these bite-size snacks were once frozen.

Chef Bombay is a Canadian-based company that sells Indian-inspired cuisine. I’ve seen their samosas from time to time at the grocery store, but this is the first time that I’ve bought one of their entrees. I’m very pleased with this selection, and will look into trying out more of their line.

Would I purchase these again? Yes, over and over again.

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Chef Bombay Mini Butter Chicken Naanpanadas #review

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